ABC decorating children care centers all across Lebanon


“ABC brings Christmas spirit to Children Care Centers and Hospitals”

This Christmas is once again going to be different with ABC. Christmas spirit is of everyone’s right to enjoy! This is why ABC has decided to spread the joy to the less fortunate ones, by conducting a series of community activities, called Corporate Social Responsibility activities or CSR, to produce a positive impact on its community and make a real difference by giving back to society.

Amongst these activities, ABC will decorate over 15 Children Care Centers and hospitals across the country. This action will be carried out by ABC employees, who have vastly volunteered to help less fortunate children suffering from difficult health or social conditions, by giving them a more enjoyable Christmas and hope for better days.

This event will take place from the 18th till the 30th of November and will spread its action from Beirut to the North, the South, the Bekaa and other parts of the country. The decoration will include Christmas trees, Santa’s and Teddy’s corners, crèches and many others, in the aim of spreading the joy and magic of Christmas spirit.

“Every child should have the right to receive love and care, because a child’s smile and happiness is priceless and is life’s biggest gift.”

Many Children Care Centers and hospitals will be benefitting from this action, like the Children Cancer Center, 4 SOS Villages, Dar Elamal, Chronic Center, Dar El Aytem, Saint Dominique, Saint Joseph Hospital, Hotel Dieu, Hopital Libanais “Geitawi”, Saint Martine, the Orphan Relief and Rescue Association, as well as many others.

“It was a lot of work, but we’ve had so much fun doing it!” commented Aline Doumit, one of ABC volunteering employee. She also added: “It was a beautiful experience, being able to share the joyful spirit of Christmas with the children”.

“It’s extremely gratifying to know that ABC employees care about their own community”, said Diala Kassem, Marketing Manager at ABC. Then she proudly added: “Being able to give back to our society and show our gratitude towards it, is one of our main objectives as a company today. Community activities are at the heart of ABC business strategy today, to build for sustainable livelihoods; we conduct events and fundraisers for social and community driven activities because we are simply part of this community and we want to make a difference by giving back to society and sharing our positive karma”.

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