Can Christmas Fitness and Christmas Goodies Exist in A Single Equation??


Christmas Fitness: you need to specify almost an hour a day of effective active routines and exercises.

Bite MeChristmas Goodies: doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be all lazy, laid back and just sipping on your wine, eating turkey, indulging in that delicious turkey and Bouche De Noel.

This seems to be a never ending debate. Through the years, this topic has been talked about more than a thousand times and each time from a different prospective.

Placing the trick in simpler words: there is only one general rule: OBEY!

If you do not obey your workout routine or your diet plan, there is no way you can make it to your goal, and you’d end up blaming your family,  friends, coach and Dr. for something you- yourself- have failed to achieve!!

To help make things easier/ to help simplify everything, I will enlist a simple workout routine that you can do at the convenience of your home, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. This comes in handy as it fits perfectly into the busy schedule of over occupied people, so no more excuses  people!!!

For best results, perform this routine after you wake up, before having your breakfast, ie, on an empty stomach.

Warm up: do light dynamic stretches 5-10 minutes

Areas of importance: neck, back, hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows

The workout: – skip for 2 minutes

If you do not have a jump rope, pretend that you do!

- Rest: 30 sec

- ABS: bent knee crunches for 2 minutes

- Rest: 30 sec

- Squats: wide stance toes pointed out (2 minutes)

- Rest: 30 sec

- Push-ups: 2 minutes, you can bend your knees

if you’re a beginner

- Rest: 30 sec

- Step-ups: on either a step or a stair for 2 minutes

The key factor in performing such a routine is not giving up!!!

“Keep going, you can do it” should be the playing record in the back of your head.

Obey the rules and follow them!

This x-mass routine takes only 12 minutes of your time.

One important note: if you have any of the following, I advise you not perform this routine, and write to me to offer you modifications and your customized alterations.

- High blood pressure – hypertension

- Osteoporosis – knee injury

- Pregnant (if exceeded the first half of pregnancy)

Do you think it’s worth giving it a try/ worth your time/ can you take up the challenge and perform this routine for 1 week, before your breakfast, and write your results, reps and send them to me? I shall post to you my own results so you can compare them to mine!!

P.S:  Use the tips I’ve posted previously, they should boost up your results!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

You Can Do It!!!!

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  3. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

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