Extreme Sports

In partnership with beiruting.com explotour will take you to the most beautiful area located in tannourine for a day full of adventures
date sunday november 28 at 10:00am
prog : exploration , rock climbing and rappelling
25.000LL per pers including
guides instructors and photographers
for more info and reservation plz call: 70-336659 or 03-114009

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    hi there i would like u to inform me about any extreme sports you know is happening .
    BTW can i know why cant i find the event of ARMAN on this website that will be i 2011

  2. admin says:

    Of course Mahmoud,

    please register on the website: http://www.beiruting.com/login.
    We willsoon launch a newsletter taht will include all upcoming events.
    Concerning the “Armin Only Mirage ” Event this is the link to the event: http://www.beiruting.com/event/armin-only-mirage
    Stay tuned on Beiruting.com, as we post details as soon as they become available

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