In Shape Event @ Biel from November 11 till the 14, 2010


After last year’s tremendous success, on behalf of E2 - Events & Exhibitions, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the second edition of IN SHAPE, the International Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.

IN SHAPE 2010 will be held at BIEL in downtown Beirut from November 11th to the 14th, from 4:00 till 10:00 PM.

2009 Edition Success

The First-Edition of IN SHAPE proved to surpass even the best expectations from visitors, exhibitors and organizers alike. Having attracted nearly 150 participating companies and over 35,000 male and female visitors eager to learn about cutting-edge technologies and breakthroughs in the beauty, health and fitness fields; IN SHAPE 2009 was an outstanding hit and presented as of its first edition an incredibly promising and much anticipated annual meeting stage for all parties looking for B to B and/or B to C growth and expansion.

The fair featured 64 amazing shows on three distinct stages showcasing the many products and services offered by the exhibitors. From hair styling to live cooking shows, make-up and manicure shows to dancing and fitness performances, the fair’s exhibitors attracted a large audience to enjoy their latest offerings. Dedicated conference rooms provided participating companies with a venue for exciting new product launches, press conferences and specialized training sessions for interested professionals.

Moreover 94% of participating companies confirmed that the event met their objectives. Additionally, 97% of participants expressed extreme satisfaction with the event’s organization and 90% of exhibitors states they believe IN SHAPE will generate business for them. An overwhelming majority of companies participating in IN SHAPE 2009 confirmed their participation for the 2010 edition.

Why Lebanon?

Lebanon is best set to host such an event in light of the country’s strong position in the fields of health and wellness. The country boasts a notorious reputation for its experience and expertise in fashion, beauty, health and plastic & aesthetic surgeries, thus making Lebanon the ideal destination for In-Shape. Seen as the trendsetter of the region and known as the Paris of the Middle East, Lebanon is the bridge between the Orient and the Occident; establishing a strong presence in Beirut will undoubtedly have an effect that reaches far across the entire region including Syria, Jordan and the Gulf Countries alike.

Moreover, the Lebanese people since their Phoenician origins have been known for being the first to establish trade practices as a result of their ship building abilities which allowed them to spread their goods across the seas. Now, over 2,000 years later, their renowned reputation of being talented merchants continues as they frequently occupy decision making positions in major regional and multinational retail and distribution companies. Targeting this population will have an immeasurable impact on the growth of your company’s sales for the entire region and present you with exceptional growth opportunities.

In addition to all of the above, the cosmetics and toiletries industry in the Levant region tops US$700 million annually in sales and has been increasing at an annual rate of nearly 11 %, almost unparalleled in any other region of the world.

About 2010 Fair

IN SHAPE is a cost-effective means for reaching and directly communicating with thousands of customers of different backgrounds, ages and gender who are simply interested in health, beauty and fitness and seek to remain at the forefront of all new developments related to these sectors on one hand and for meeting with key decision makers in one of the most lucrative markets in the world on the other one.

The Second-Edition of IN SHAPE will feature over 10,000 sqm floor spaces consisting of 9 zones including: Health, Beauty, Dietary, Wellbeing & Spa, Fitness, Services & Equipment, Banking, Insurance and Education, Recruitment & Training. With such a vast offering of products and services, IN SHAPE 2010 will answer the need of everyone interested in the related fields.

Additionally, press coverage from TV, Radio, and Newsprint medias made IN SHAPE 2009 the talk of the region. This year’s edition will deliver even more press coverage and will introduce a fourth stage featuring live talk shows aimed at showcasing the fair’s exhibitors and happenings. This new section will deliver round-the-clock coverage of the fair to provide commentary for interested visitors and is sure to enhance exhibitor coverage.

About visiting

Industry professionals, consumers, men and women of all ages,  are invited to come and join us at  to the second edition of In-Shape and discover over 200 health, beauty, fitness, dietary and well-being companies and experts presenting their latest services and products and revealing their newest techniques.

In-Shape is the perfect place to make good contacts, seize great opportunities, spot the latest trends, try new looks, pick up secret tips, enjoy live cooking, watch a catwalk show, or simply sit back, relax and be pampered.

Moreover IN SHAPE 2010 is set to attract a larger audience than before, exceeding the 35,000 visitors’ mark that was achieved in 2009 while attracting more professionals. These visitors come from different backgrounds and represent a diverse gathering of consumers with different interests in the health, beauty and fitness fields. Now taking place in two halls with double the floor space and an expanded international section, the second edition of IN SHAPE is sure to be a triumph.

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