Light during sleep could make us become Fat

Put a cover eyes !!!

U.S. researchers have discovered that mice exposed to light during the night were fatter than others. We do not yet know if the TV or lights on during sleep have the same effect.

During the study, conducted at Ohio University, mice with exposure to light at night for eight weeks had at the end of this period a body mass index about 50% higher than those who had a normal night.

Well it seems that the night is dangerous for our waistlines!

In another study in the U.S. by researchers Resource Center General Clinical Chicago, people who do not sleep much lose less fat than those who have a good night’s sleep.

In this study, bad nights have prevented reduce body fat of participants, who were all in the scheme, 55%.

There is another drawback. The fact of not enough sleep also makes it more hungry, because lack of sleep raises the level of the hormone that triggers hunger. It is therefore high time to look after the comfort of your bedroom.

Not only we pay attention to our line all day, but we should also take lots of precautions at night!

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