New Year’s Eve and the alcohol effect…

Yey! We are all so happy its New Years’ eve! We are all gathering at a friend’s house or going to a fun crazy Beirut party as we all love it, and what’s the most important thing we focus on that night? Alcohol!!!

Personally this drives me crazy…it disturbs me from having fun. Actually, I will never forget 10 years ago on a New Years’ eve in Faraya, my friends made me drink and after a few sips I fell asleep all night! I missed out on all the fun!!!

Ok this is just one way excessive alcohol consumption can be bad for you. You should know that the recommendations are: 1 glass for women and 2 glasses for men, no more. (1 glass can be: 1 can of beer or 1 glass of wine or 30 ml vodka or whisky or 1 glass of champagne)

At age 15 you start with 1 glass just for the fun, then you start liking the taste and sensations it brings you and it becomes 2, then 3. Some people just can’t stop after that. The excessive overconsumption can lead to car accidents and probably death, to mood and personality swings that impact your relationship with people around you and cause conflict between couples which at many times lead to divorce, to liver diseases, ulcers, cancers, sexual impotence and reduced fertility, sleeping difficulties, concentration and memory problems, to high triglycerides levels that can lead to inflammation in the pancreas and consequently to coma. Canadian experts say that 1 in 25 deaths across the world are linked to alcohol consumption!!

Many people don’t know that drinking alcohol is like drinking fat, and if you care about your weight then you should definitely stop its consumption or reduce it to recommended amounts! A few examples of calorie content in common drinks are:

1 drink of red wine = 84 kcal

- 1 can of beer = 130 kcal

- 1 glass of 120 ml of champagne = 85 kcal

- 100 ml Vodka = 315 kcal

- 100 ml whisky = 280 kcal

Careful with refilling those drinks or else a few days later you will see your love handles getting bigger and your tummy bloated!!

Tips to reduce the risk to your health when drinking:

  • Eat well before you drink to avoid hypoglycemia (paleness, dizziness, weakness…)
  • Space your drinks with water and drink water all day even if you are not thirsty because alcohol causes dehydration and fatigue the next day. Dehydration can lead to the loss of water soluble vitamins like B and C, as well as minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium
  • Take a taxi when you drink, don’t drive!
  • Say no when you know you’ve had enough
  • Ask the waiter not to refill your cup until it’s empty because you won’t be able to control how much you drink
  • Don’t mix different types of alcohol
  • Support your friend’s decision if they choose not to drink

I advice you to respect the recommendations for men and woman to stick to 1 glass/day for woman and max 2 for men, and to distract yourself as much as you can so drinking is no more your favorite distraction!

I personally prefer to enjoy meeting new people, dancing with friends, a romantic evening, or playing games, we have so many ways to enjoy our time then to just enjoy killing each other silently… Please think about it before pouring another glass…

Happy New Year and may it be full of Health, Faith, Love, Happiness, Wisdom and Success!

Samia Khoury

Brazilian- Lebanese Dietitian Samia Khoury, AUB graduate

Sehat Jounieh, Bouez Building, 2nd Floor – Lebanon +961 3 48 31 86

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