Smirnoff Exchange Project: “Tonight is THE NIGHT…”

Tonight is the Night!!!


The Smirnoff Night Exchange Project is set to take place today between 14 countries including Lebanon.

The chosen countries are: Lebanon, Thailand, India, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, and South Africa

Each city of these 14 countries will be swapping night with a sister city:

Beirut <-> Bangkok,

Buenos Aires <-> Dublin,

Sao Paolo <-> Sydney,

Toronto <-> Bangalore,

Berlin <-> Capetown,

Caracas <-> Warsaw,

Miami <-> London.

Tonight, every single one of these 14 cities will send the best features of their nightlife to their sister-city, creating an unprecedented cultural exchange between cities that are continents apart.

Continuing on a mission to inspire and enable more one-of-a-kind experiences, the world’s leading vodka brand The Smirnoff Co. today hosts The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project’ Night that will see 14 countries work with respected nightlife figures to discover and celebrate the best elements of their country’s nightlife. These ideas have been captured online over the last 2 months, packed-up in a crate and transformed into exciting event experiences.  In an epic finale tonight the 27th of November, the world will swap nights, with each country exchanging the best of their nightlife with that of another.

The Smirnoff Co. believes in doing things differently: that when you overturn convention or simply change one of the ingredients of a night out, you can create something special, something extraordinary – a night you look back on and are proud to say “I was there”.  MadJam, Lebanon’s curator, was there during the last 2 months to ensure that everything is set for this extraordinary night!

As one of the region’s favorite and most successful DJs, maDJam has been deeply involved in everything and anything music, from his Road Show on Mix FM to his contributions to a number of cultural and social publications and TV shows. He has played warm-up and follow-up sets with some of the biggest DJs and dance music artists, and has kept the crowd on its feet in a variety of international festivals in Beirut and Dubai.

The announcement was made at an exciting party held at the legendary B018 nightclub on the 19th of September, where the city’s party lovers stared as the giant crate was dangled over their heads on a crane.

The vital ingredients of each country’s nightlife has been revealed on October 22nd. Lebanon was chosen to swap with Tailand, and has pack-up its best nightlife into a crate for Bangkok.

We are finally on the 27th of September… join us at the Warehouse Near Aishti, Zalka Seaside Road, and be part of the event… after which you’ll be able to say: “I was there !”

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