Wine and your health

wine is good for health

Q.Everyone these days is talking about the positive effects of a glass of wine a day. I’m not currently drinking alcohol, so I have been substituting it with 4oz of 100% grape juice every morning. Am I receiving similar health benefits? Am I better off drinking a glass of wine instead?

A. The health benefits of wine are thought to be due to a combination of things. Wine contains , an antioxidant found in grape skins which is thought to be beneficial. Solid research on the benefits of resveratrol in humans is somewhat skimpy. But you can get the purported benefits of resveratrol just as well by drinking grape juice.
wine is good for health
In addition, moderate alcohol consumption (whether in the form of wine or other alcoholic beverages) appears to be protective against heart disease and is linked with a slightly longer lifespan. The benefits of alcohol consumption are fairly modest–and the hazards of drinking too much are substantial. So, I’d caution drinkers to make sure that they are indeed drinking moderately (maximum 1 drink/day for women, 2/day for men) and I wouldn’t advise anyone to start drinking for health reasons!


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