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Clear skies, blazing sun, gentle summer breeze; to me this has always been the most beautiful sentence in the English language… But You, have ruined its beauty with your big belly and fatty love handles… Labeled with the Tankini syndrome? Highly addicted to summer foods and drinks? Read more in order to reconnect with your swimming suit!
A recent study conducted at UCLA included 50.000 persons that were asked to define   the perception of their body while wearing a swimming suit in a public place.The results showed that only  ¼ of men and 12% of women were contented about their looks in public places compared to the rest that have been labeled with the Tankini syndrome!
Most of the diet plans followed during summer time fail and often lead to the purchase of a swimming suit of a bigger size. The solution is to simply modify your lifestyle during this period. Small details can always make a very big difference!
Skinny sipping:
Under the sun rays we often tend to get dehydrated due to the extreme sweating that engages a great water loss.We often tend replenish this loss with fruit juices, cocktails, alcoholic beverages that are high in calories and end up piling more than 500 calories per day when they are drank unconsciously. Water is often forgotten although the fact that it is the best remedy and the greatest thirst quencher. Many people tend to eat when they’re thirsty which is a bigger problem than piling up all those calories provided by the worst summer drinks:
-Long island 654 Kcalories
-Caffe latte 190 Kcalories
-Beer 126 Kcalories
-Cosmo 210 Kcalories

Being pragmatic and offering yourself a sound and safe solution would help you moderate your food and drink intake.Always remember that:
-Water is the only calorie free item ever found. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.
-Black Coffee is always preferred over all the shakes such as latte, frapuccino etc.It presents your body with antioxidants, arouses your state of mind and leave you with a minimal amount of calories per drink!
-Iced Green tea is a great alternative to cooled drinks. If you tend to drink 4 cups per day you will be increasing your metabolism that will help you burn 70 calories per day!
-Tomato Juice with lime, salt and worcestshire sauce won’t only refresh you but studies suggested that 2/3 cups per day of this luscious mixture will help reduce prostate cancer and increase HDL levels in your body!
-Cranberry Shot is preferred over your alcoholic shots! Studies have found that a shot per day will fight bad breath, urinary infections and increase your levels of HDL!
-My summer wine as sang by Nancy Sinatra, wine remains the safest alcoholic drink presenting you with a sparkling buzz and enriching your body with antioxidants such as resveratrol that have been found to protect against obesity and diabetes.
A glass of White wine contains 72 Calories compared to a glass of rose with 84 calories!
-Always use a long glass! A Study conducted at Cornell university showed that when people consumed drinks in a short glass they served more drinks than those who drank in long glasses and had only one serving! This can help you save 25-30% of the calories! Remember that small details, make a big difference at the end of the day!
Foods that your swimming suit hates:
-Ceasar salad: this salad has too much salt and fat resulting from the cheese, the fried croutons and the dressing! The excessive amount of salt will cause water retention that will result in a bloated tummy on the beach.
-Potato salad: erroneously called salad, this starchy mixture of potatoes and mayonnaise is nothing but a simple way to increase your caloric intake in one shot!It is also not advisable to eat before going to the beach since it will also cause bloating!
-Cruciferous such as broccoli, celery, cauliflower dipped in cocktail sauce should also be avoided! They contain a sugar called Raffinose that the body cannot digest, and that directly goes to the stomach where the bacteria eat it and their only way of thanking you for it  is to give off gas and bloat your tummy!
-Chinese fast food: fried spring rolls that contain cabbage, fattening gravies high in salt should also be avoided before going to the beach!
-Japanese Sushi: is a definite no! The rice in your maki will make you feel thirsty and while you’ll be drinking water, the rice in your stomach will absorb it and leave you with a very cute bloated tummy! And don’t  forget the high amount of sodium in the soy sauce that will also increase the water retention!

-Margarita:is a drink that should never be taken the night before going to the beach.It contains tequila, triple sec and salt.In a nutshell, enough ingredients to leave your tummy bloated for 24 hours!

Nicole Maftoum
Clinical Registered Dietitian
Healthylicious clinic
el Metn, Lebanon (961) 70- 63 55 40


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