Beirut Music & Art Festival (BMAF)

‘Local newspapers shamelessly turn a blind eye to young Lebanese talent’

“Where’s the accountability? By and large, local print media in Lebanon are neglecting their role as news broadcasters. BMAF has hosted (and continues to do so) a world-class line-up of local and international musicians to sold-out crowds, only to receive minimal coverage, from what can only be described as a negligent print media body (with few exceptions). This has been the ongoing plight of the festival, it’s the same unacceptable oversight night after night, and time and time again,” said Fadi Ghazzoui co-director of the Beirut Music & Art Festival in an impassioned outcry at the Beirut Music and Art Village venue in front of the entire music line-up, who unanimously seconded his motion with thunderous applause.

BMAF’s music and art village features 3 local and international artists every night, in an East meets West fusion, in BMAF’s village arena, Beirut Souks.

The Beirut Music and Art Festival, a yearly cultural festival, has set out to support the local music and art scene, by giving a platform to some 200 participating artists (both local and international). BMAF has also pledged to open up the Lebanese art scene to international artists, allowing for a borderless, cross-cultural exchange of art and music.

BMAF vision is built around the concept of diversity, accessibility and most importantly a celebration of local and international music, art and culture. “The print media in this country must rally behind us and support this cause,” said Ghazzaoui.

Local musicians are up in arms over the print media’s disregard for the ‘real news on the ground in Lebanon’. Local and international TV, radio and online platforms, on the other hand, have been greatly supportive of BMAF.

Despite great lengths taken by the Beirut Music & Art Festival photographers and videographers to capture material daily, the print media by and large are neglecting to publish or give any importance to this festival of national import. Instead, preferring to focus on international news. The festival has had an active TV, online and street presence, in the form of advertising and networking for the last two months, this omni-presence refutes any possible suggestion that the local print media simply ‘didn’t know’ or ‘didn’t get the emails’. It is the local print media’s professional duty to do their research and reach out to events on-ground.

The artists participating in Beirut Music & Art festival were in an uproar over the lack of substantial coverage and what they characterize as a blatant disregard for art and culture in a country where the front page is dominated by war, politics, propaganda and sensationalism.

Fadi Ghazzaoui implores the local print media to cover the event and support the locals artists because “they are the cultural backbone of our country and to deny them a voice and a platform is criminal”.

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