people: Here are some calorie facts about the sweets we most like!

Hi guys !!! Prepare yourself to read what you always wanted to know and think twice before indulging many sweets at a time if you want to stay in shape!

Depending on each person’s age, height, weight, if you are a male or female, sedentary or active, or if you have a certain medical condition or not: the number of calories you should consume daily to lose weight or to maintain weight varies. Sometimes a lady can consume 1200 calories and lose weight, some ladies need to consume 1200 calories to maintain their weight while others need 1500 calories to lose weight, there are no general rules, and only the dietitian can know how much a person should consume daily. Same for men, sometimes they lose weight with 2000 calories daily sometimes they maintain with 2000, sometimes with 2500 calories and sometimes 1500 or 1700 calories. Some men exercise so much that they can eat 3000 calories daily and still stay fit!

Well, lucky people because me…if I breathe air I gain weight easily J it’s true!!! I burn very little and so I have to exercise a lot and always watch what I eat and sometimes be a bit more flexible. But it’s okay I got used to it, as long as I fit well in my clothes and I am happy with my body and health, this is what really counts at the end!

So if you are like me, you love sweets but always have to watch what you eat to stay in shape or lose some weight, then check the following calorie facts of most of them especially Lebanese sweets according to AUB food composition.

- 22g of any regular chocolate usually has = 120 calories (so usually a 100g tablet chocolate has 500 calories)

- Namoura 41g (4cm) = 89 calories

-  Knefe b’jibne 136g (8cm) = 484 calories

-  Znood el sit 57g = (7cm) = 212 calories

- Osmalleyeh 115g (8cm) = 400 calories

- Maamoul bi joz 52g ( 6cm) = 260 calories

- Maamoul bi tamer 52g (6cm) = 245 calories

- Mughli 1 bowl of 240g = 220 calories

- Muhalabieh 1 bowl of 240g = 390 calories

-  Milk and rice (riz bi 7alib) 1 bowl of 240g = 331 calories

-  Halawi a small cube of 2.5cm = 155 calories

-  Rahet el halkoum a small piece that we eat inside of biscuits, the small piece 22g = 65 calories (without the biscuit)

-  Ghraibeh a small one = 56 calories

-   Macaroon 23g = 88 calories

-   Jazariyeh 25g = 77 calories

-   Halawet el jibn small = 62

-  1 tablespoon of jam = 60 calories

So what are you thinking about? I think after reading this you guys must be shocked because you must think you eat so much of those and don’t know they have so much calories, and in fact they must be the ones making you gain so much weight!!

Guys I hope this helped you notice where in your diet you are doing wrong and correct it!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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