EddéSands introduces the Healthy Iftar for a Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan is about meditation and spiritual renewal.

Eddé Sands sends its best wishes to all concerned for this holy month of prayer, humanitarian compassion and revival of Islam’s fundamental values of peace and tolerance.

With its serene location by the sea, beautiful gardens, golden sandy beach, wellness services, cozy accommodations, yoga and active meditation classes, rejuvenating massages and Ayurvedic treatments, EddéSands provides a heavenly escape for a spiritual Ramadan retreat.

At dawn Eddé Sands proposes a delicious Iftar selection prepared by the resort’s dedicated chefs and nutritionists for a healthy fasting experience. After-dinner Ramadanyat are available with quality tarab and oriental music.

Large Iftars can be also organized in different venues (Layali Zaman, éballroom, on the grass or the beach) in Ramadan tents specially built for the occasion

EddeSands invites you to break your fast in the sea-breeze atmosphere of Byblos. The resort team will use their local knowledge to share the traditional sights and sounds of Ramadan.

Special Ramadan package for ONLY $225 per couple per night including a double accommodation, sumptuous souhour and healthy Iftar.



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