Feed your Skin healthy food and see it young and beautiful

Our skin reflects what is going on inside of our bodies. For that reason we should pay special attention to both the external and internal needs of our skin. Healthy skin can be obtained by using appropriate skin care products, but these can be used to remedy the effects of too much sun exposure, lack of sleep, pollution, the Air Conditioner and even stress. Starting to feed your skin from inside and abstaining from alcohol and smoking can take you a long way towards having healthier skin.

You should know that your skin is constantly under attack by free radicals − causing wrinkles and other signs of aging. The existence of these enemies is sometimes not avoidable and you can combat them by consuming antioxidant food sources on a daily basis!

So which vitamins and minerals in foods do you need to keep your skin healthy and looking its best? (Most of them, by the way, are also antioxidants)

-          Vitamins A (in most yellow-orange fruits and dark green leafs), Vit B (and particularly biotin in eggs, oatmeal, banana), Vit C (strawberry, bell peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits) and Vit E (in nuts, oils, seeds). It is important to know that Vit C helps in collagen formation which gives elasticity to your skin and acts like a natural lifting agent!

-           Minerals Selenium (whole-grain cereals, seafood, garlic and eggs.) and zinc (oysters, lean meat and poultry)

-          Omega 3 (in flaxseed, salmon, sardines and mackerel)

-          Polyphénols (like grape seeds and red wine)

So you could choose foods containing these vitamins and minerals and include them in your daily diet, for example: 10 strawberries, 4 walnuts, 1 table spoon of olive oil, 1 table spoon of oat or flaxseeds, and 2 or 3 carrots per day!

Following the healthy way includes eating the right foods to nourish your skin coupled with regular physical exercises to ensure good blood circulation, good sleep, and the use of day creams and make up with solar protection will protect your skin from being damaged and would combat aging! A toast to a beautiful healthy skin coming from the inside to the outside!


Samia Khoury

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