From Harrods London to CITYMALL Beirut, AVALANCHE® watches are now in Lebanon

The heart and soul of the AVALANCHE® brand is its people, culture and lifestyle. The timepieces represent a concept of affordability and accessibility, mixed with creative spirit, sporty culture and trendy glam, which extends into all of its product lines and the one-of-a-kind packaging.

Founded in 2009, the AVALANCHE® brand was built around its tagline, Everyday, Everywherereflecting simple yet modern ideas in its timepieces. The product line presents a watch to match the season, an outfit, a sport, an evening affair or simply your mood — there is a watch for every day and every occasion at unbeatable prices to provide its customers with flexibility and umpteen freedom.

The brand has come a long way in just two years, transforming the functional concept of time keeping into trendy yet affordable products, which have proved to be ‘must-have’ fashion accessories in today’s market.

AVALANCHE’s® in-house team of European designers pulls inspiration from today’s trends, whether for men or for women, to accommodate any personality, lifestyle and occasion.

The word ‘AVALANCHE’ can be translated as a sudden charge, stampede or a rush of adrenaline. This inspired bold vibrant watches with oversized dials and bezels in materials of polycarbonate or silicone, making the watches extremely lightweight and durable. The brand focuses on energy and vibrancy, providing watches in a wide array of attractive colors ranging from fluorescent orange to magenta and turquoise.

Some watches are set with stones for those who prefer a touch of glam. Each watch is paired with a reusable and stackable box matching the color and finish of the watch. AVALANCHE® produces watches for men and women and although there are separate collections for both genders, the watches are all unisex, as well as water-resistant.

AVALANCHE® watches are sold in are sold in over 33 countries worldwide, with distribution rapidly increasing. The watches can be found in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as in a vast number of airports and in-flight magazines around the globe. The watches are sold at many renowned retail outlets such as Debenhams and Harrods in London. Additionally, AVALANCHE® watches are sold through kiosks in certain international markets and are now available at CITYMALL Dora (Level B2).

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-          Avalanche® was originally designed in the UK by up and coming designers in 2009 and launched in the UK in early 2010.

-          Avalanche® offers customer a range of colors to fit different occasion. Like our slogan “Everyday. Everywhere.” our philosophy aims to offer different ranges and colors so that the customers can wear Avalanche® watches wherever they are and whenever they want.

-          Avalanche® offers a very good quality watch at a great price quality ratio vs. all competitors in the market, which allows our customers to purchase more than one watch for each of their fashionable outfits.

-          In addition, our designers and R&D department are consistently coming out with new designs, which we are consistently offering to our distributors to introduce in their countries. Therefore, a new range is launched almost every 3 months. It means that we have new designs more frequently. With more new designs, customers will have a fresh choice more often.

-          Avalanche® has the largest distribution within the Duty Free arena worldwide. Our watches are currently being sold on more than 40 airlines worldwide and are sold in more than 60 airports.

-          5ATM Water Resistant (50 meters). All watches have been 100% tested.

-          Guaranteed for 2 years.

-          Watch movements are manufactured by Citizen and Seiko in Japan.

-          Every single watch has been Quality Controlled by professionals.



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