Hommage to a master chef by a master chef Basillio

Chef Roberto Bulian offers unique Italian dishes with Basillio.

Beirut, Sept 12, 2011 – With his new Basillio restaurant, Executive Chef and Restaurateur Roberto Bulian serves his signature Italian dishes that speak to both the heart and soul. In his welcoming trattoria, right in the heart of Gemmayzeh, guests can experience the art of Italian dining.

Growing up in Venice, Bulian inherited a passion for cooking from his family. At the age of 13, he pursued that passion with the help of his mentor, Chef Basillio.  It was on board a cruise ship where the master chef taught young Bulian the secrets of fresh pasta making – a secret that he holds to this day. Roberto journeyed around the world and trained with the most renowned chefs, honing his culinary skills, yet Basillio’s knowledge was still prevalent in his heart.

“My restaurant honors the memory of the finest chef I once knew. Chef Basillio taught me everything I know about the art and craft of making fresh pasta. He was what inspired me to create a place where my guests can savor the true flavor of Italian cuisine,” Bulian said.

Guests and media representatives were treated to a live demonstration of Chef Bulian’s skill, during the opening of Basillio. His love of art and food were present in each dish he offered, through what he calls, “cucina emozionale”, where heart and soul are essential ingredients.


Basillio is located on the main street of Gemmayzeh. Lunch and dinner are served daily.

About Basillio:

Situated on Gouraud Street in Gemmayzeh, Basillio offers patrons an authentic Italian adventure. Chef-owned and operated by Roberto Bulian, from the North of Italy, Basillio is a unique sensory experience, where the finest ingredients are transformed into an edible piece of art. The cozy setting seats 52 guests and is open from Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 12am. For more information please call 01-444 410, 71-059459

Basillio is a concept by Treats Holding.

Chef Roberto Bullian’s Biography:

Roberto Bullian, was born in Venice and left his hometown at the age of 13. He met chef Basillio at the time on board a ship and learned all his secrets of fresh pasta making working with him in the kitchen. Carrying the knowledge of Basillio, Roberto’s journeys around the world lead him to train with the most renowned chefs honing his culinary skills. Fueled by a passion for cooking which he inherited from his family, Roberto’s aim is to cook a dish of pasta that rivals that of his grandmother in taste and quality. It is then he says that a chef can really make his guests feel at home.  An art lover, Roberto draws from his passions, art and food, to deliver the most unique dishes by what he calls, “cucina emozionale”, where heart and soul are essential ingredients. With this love of Italian cooking, his journey inspired the concept of Basillio, his new restaurant where he honors the memory of master chef who taught him the art and craft of making fresh pasta. Roberto would like to offer edible art in all its forms for his guests to experience the true flavor of Italian cuisine.


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