Launching of the Seventh Edition of Beirut Boat


The Minister Michel Pharaon, representing H.E. Michel Sleiman, President of the Lebanese Republic, opened the exhibition“which represents a promising summer in a country set to assume an international role on the maritime tourist scene.”

Beirut, May 18, 2011: Under the auspices H.E. General Michel Sleiman, President of the Lebanese Republic, represented by the Minister Michel Pharaon, the 7th International Boat & Super Yacht Show, Beirut Boat 2011, opened its door to the public at La Marina Joseph-Khoury, Dbayeh, on Wednesday May 18th in presence ofhigh-ranking officials including ministers and parliamentarians,the representative of the Chief of Army Staff of the Lebanese Army, General Bassam Sakr, members of the diplomatic corps among which H.E. the Ambassador of Italy, Giuseppe Morabito, H.E. the Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Juan Carlos Gafo, H.E. Ambassador of Turkey, Inan Ozyildiz, H.E. Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Rahma Hussein Rahma Al Zaabi, along with prominent local and international figures, and the Board of Administration of the Arab Maritime Industries Association (AMIA) and directors of Messe Düsseldorf Group and IFP, the organizing partners of the show.

A large crowd of boating lifestyle fans, businessmen, families, tourists and professionals held their breath as the Minister Pharaon cut the ribbon, inaugurating thus the much awaited five-day event, Beirut Boat, showcasingthe world’s most luxurious boats and yachts anchored in the Mediterranean Sea, and offering various entertainment and leisure activities to all kind of visitors.

“This show comes at an opportune timeto remind us of Lebanon’s great potential, whichallows our country to position itself among the highest-ranking countries on more than one level, including the maritime tourism” stated the Minister Pharaon after visiting with the CEO of IFP, Mr. Albert Aoun, the various aisles of the show covering a wide range of maritime accessories and equipment besides the boats, yachts and super yachts.

“I would also like to express my esteem for the Lebanese human competences, and consequently for Lebanese companies organizing a show of this magnitude, which isusually only found in developed countries. Beirut Boat is a source of pride to all of us, officials and citizens alike. We are well aware of the realneed to develop the maritime fronts along several Lebanesecoastal regions to help create a viable space for the development of this sector. We hope that we are presented with the opportunity to develop projects of this kind in the near future.” Minister Pharaon added.

Following the opening, visitors of all categories flocked to witness the greatest-ever exhibition on this side of the Middle East. Beirut Boat is expected to attract more than 30,000 local, regional and international visitors, including maritime sports fans and boats owners. In addition to being achiefleisure destination in the region, this year’s event is hosting more than 130 exhibitors and 120 brands; some of them are showcased for the first time in this show.

The CEO of IFP, Mr. Albert Aoun, addressed the media, saying, “Today, we are all witnessing an event that represents our vision on how to improve Lebanon’s position as a favored maritime leisure and boating lifestyledestination. Given the40% raise in boat sales in 2010,and the increasingdemand on boats across the region, the show representsthe ideal platform for business opportunities, in orderto seal deals between international companies and all major Lebanese and Arab exhibitors participating in this event. All in all, this means that we are sailing toward success in the right direction.”

Whether at the level of participating companies or national pavilions, this year’s edition is characterized by a special international presence, which indicates the trust in Lebanon’s position and its regional role on the maritime industry and tourism fronts.”

Within this framework, H.E. Ambassador of Italy, Giuseppe Morabito, said “Italian companies enjoy a long history and a highly-esteemed reputation in the maritime industry, and Italy itself is a major international maritime destination. The Italian maritime heritage is long-standing, which means that Italian companies present at Beirut Boat are well aware to the significance and ranking of this show. That is why they chose not to miss the opportunity of being present at such an event, which is considered as the ideal platform to provide them with access to all the markets in the region.”

Like every year, the Arab Maritime Industries Association (AMIA) was also present, headed by its Honorary President, UAE former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mohammed Hussein Al-Shaali who is also president of Gulf Craft, anillustrious maritime UAE company. Al-Shaali expressed his profound trust in Lebanon’s potential to strengthen its position in this sector, adding that the Beirut Boat Show plays a decisive role in placing Beirut on the international harbors’ map.

AMIA President and President of the Egyptian Chamaa Marine Company, Mohammad Chamaa,said that the Association constantly seeks to benefit from the international expertise presented at international maritime shows by being always present and to “help us, as Arabs, find a footing in the international market.”

Away from the world of big business and public figures, the show buzzes with entertainment and leisure activities for visitors of all categories. In addition, a VIP hall was especially designed to provide additional privacy and luxury.

In parallel, entertainment shows such as live fashion and music shows,and other forms of entertainment are aimed at adding a sense of fun throughout the event, offering visitors amemorable experience.

In regards with this fun atmosphere, Joelle Ghannam, Project Manager of Beirut Boat revealed “We have prepared a program filled with interesting and entertaining activities, and we were keen to provide visitors with a fun atmosphere for all ages. Visitors will discover that we have merged all thing related to theluxurious maritime lifestyle such as fashion, accessories, jewels, watches, luxurious cars and many more. Moreover, special events have been incorporated to cater for media representatives and other parties we consider as contributing partners toward the show’s success”.

The Beirut Boat Show2011 is staged at La Marina Joseph Khoury – Dbayeh from May 18 to May 22, 2011 between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 welcome amateurs yearning to live an exciting experience or business peoplein the best place to moor.

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