Make Time to EAT


Health Groups: in this fast growing, internet, fast cars and fast food oriented world of today; keeping your healthy habits safe and your food right seems like challenge.

Eating, once known as a priority, is now turned into a secondary thing that most people are neglecting and usually fit it with any other daily activity.

Making the right amount of time for your meal is more important than the meal you choose to have: nutrition specialists believe its best that you consume your food slowly since eating fast does not offer you help and in fact is a factor in your weight gain.

It takes almost 20 minutes, after your first bite, for a message to be delivered to your brain, thus if you finish your meal in 5 or 6 minutes, your brain won’t have the chance to tell your body its full and satisfied and this very same thing leads to over eating and filling your stomach more than necessary.

Eat slowly, be relaxed and calm. Chew your food well and enjoy its taste. This way your brain can understand that you are dining, thus it would be able to report to your body that it is full.

Cut off the bad habit of “after a meal”:

  • Do not smoke: several tests have shown that smoking one cigarette directly after a meal is equal to 10 cigarettes at normal times. As a result increasing your chances of getting cancer.
  • Do not eat fruits directly after a meal .Do not take a shower since it cause an increase in blood circulation in hands and feet and body surface. And it decreases around the stomach area causing mal digestion.
  • Do not go for a walk or stroll because it won’t let your digestion occur properly as it might cause intestinal infections and other gastrointestinal problems.
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