November 14th is The World’s Diabetes Day!

November 14th is The World’s Diabetes Day! So today I’d like to talk about this threatening disease because if you know about it you can prevent it, or if you have it, you can live with it easily and happily…so guys make sure you get these tips!

Today, all over the world, in every city, a monument is lit in blue to raise awareness about diabetes. We are all united to prevent it and fight it! The picture you see in this article is the Lady of Lebanon – Harissa which I asked to lit up in Blue in 2007 and 2008 the years I organized the world diabetes day in Lebanon along with big campaigns with walks, blood test exams, lectures, distribution of measuring tapes and educational tools. Diabetes is remembered to raise awareness to everyone about its prevention, treatment, causes and consequences because truly everyone is concerned. Why? Because delicious fatty and sweet foods are available more and more in the market to tempt us and make us gain weight! And becoming overweight is the number 1 reason to develop diabetes! We’re talking about type 2 diabetes which represents 90% of the cases of the disease and every 10 seconds someone dies of it!


We can’t let a disease kill people every 10 seconds. We just can’t guys. And it’s all in our hands. 80% of it can be prevented if people are in their ideal weight! Can you believe it? So being in your ideal weight is not only good to feel pretty or handsome, ideal weight is very important to prevent tons of diseases including diabetes!

Also your waist measurement should be less than 80cm if you are a woman and less than 94cm if you are a man (you measure it 1 or 2 cm above your umbilical). Exercising 30 minutes daily is very important too, being active and eating healthy food full of fibers, vegetables and homemade meals will help a lot!

Now if you have the disease, it is also very important to lose weight and keep your ideal weight so that you can control it very closely and avoid all the complications that diabetes can lead to if the person concerned is not careful about his food! It is important to check your HBA1C levels every 3 months, which is the average blood sugar levels in your body in a period of 3 month. It should be less than 6.5%. Every time it’s high (8, 9, 10, 12, 14%), you increase your risk of becoming blind, or having a foot amputated, or going thru dialysis of kidneys, or having serious arteries and nerves problems in your heart and all over your body. But the good news is that every 1% decrease in HBA1C levels decreases the risks of complication and the person concerned can live happily and longer! So keep it controlled by searching for a dietitian who will help you lose weight and maintain it by teaching you to have a healthy lifestyle with the right amount of food to eat and help you control your blood sugar and HBA1C levels.

Cheers to LIFE! Let’s have life and have it more abundantly! Some spiritual people will recognize this famous quote but I hope most people will practice what it says! And to have life abundantly we need health! So let’s fill our plates with HEALTH!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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