On a Romantic Mood for Valentine’s? Check out some Foods for love…

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around and I don’t know if I’m being foolish, I don’t know if I’m being wise, but it’s something that I must believe in….”

Sorry for interrupting you from singing the famous song by Tom Jones, but I should continue with these wise healthy words….

You must believe that Kissing your loved partner helps you burn calories, you must believe in choosing foods that will put you in the mood for romance, in avoiding the ones that can make your partner run away from you, in looking for lighter options when making plans with your love and also in knowing some aphrodisiac foods that can take you and your husband/or wife to an extreme sensation of pleasure when making L.O.V.E!

1- KISSING burns your calories off! Did you know that every 10 seconds you French kiss your love, you are burning 12 kcal (calories)?

When you french kiss your whole body is in action. At this point your heart rate accelerates and increases from the normal range of 60 to 80 beats per minute to a rate of 150 beats/ minute. During this process 29 facial muscles are working!

Let me give you some practical examples on how loving and kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife can help you get rid of some extra weight:

Using the following equation:  time (10 sec) + french kiss = calories burnt

1 can of regular soft drink or beer or small bottled juice = 12 kisses (you need to  give 12 kisses of 10 seconds to burn it)

- 100g chocolate = 45 kisses

- a regular burger = 50 kisses

- 1 candy = 5 kisses

2- Foods for Love: Did you know that some foods containing certain vitamins, minerals, or nutrients can inspire romance while others can interfere in the process?

-  Vegetables, grains, and fruits have the necessary physiological effects needed to maintain a good nerve function, increased energy levels and smooth blood flow, etc… All required for the romance process.

- Proteins found in meat, milk and dairy products provide high levels of vitamins to the body, especially B complex, which influence the nervous functions.. Their absence can cause irritability.

- Dairy foods low in fat, fortified grains and dark green vegetables contain riboflavin which protects the mucous membranes that line the female reproductive tract.

- Zinc, found in fortified cereals, yogurt, oysters and beef is linked to the sexual function and is needed by men for sperm production. Lack of zinc delays sexual development of children.

- The consumption of saturated fats in butter, yellow cheese and in fatty meats causes increased plaque fats in the blood vessels and can interfere with sexual performance.

- Alcohol in excess has an action similar to the female hormone estrogen and can have a devastating effect on men, causing impotence.

3- Aphrodisiacs foods that can spice up your sexual life with your husband/or wife!

Aphrodisiac foods such as honey (previously given to Greek brides on their wedding day as they used to believe that she would say lovely words on this night, the so-called honey-moon!), avocadoes, spices, curry, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, anis herb, oysters have the power to increase your sexual appetite so if you are married and want to satisfy your partner just make sure you include these foods in your diet!

4- Foods that can make your LOVE Runway from you!

- Foods containing spices such as garlic and onion is better to be avoided on Valentine’s Day.

- Legumes and vegetables that might cause bloating and gases such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower should also be avoided.

5- Lighter meal/snacks options when Entertaining your LOVE!

- If you guys decide to go to the movies, have diner at home before heading out so you don’t end up eating all the chocolate, caramel popcorn, and soft drinks in the world! If you’re going late afternoon, then its fine if you order a small box of salty popcorn and share it with your love.

- At a pub/night club/party try to minimize intake of non-alcoholic cocktails as they are high in sugar. Avoid drinks high in alcohol % and prefer ordering a glass of red wine, iced tea or just water! Focus more on enjoying your good company instead of sipping on high-caloric drinks!

- DVD at home: Easy…a light big portion of salad with slices of turkey ham or grilled chicken, or a small sandwich with low-fat cheese. You can also order and share a small veggie pizza!

- Dinner outside: Prefer ordering on the light side of the menu, one salad and one main meal, no appetizers or deserts and again share with your love!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I guess these special tips will guarantee a Special Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one! But never forget that you should renew your love for your partner and make it Valentine’s Day everyday!

God bless your union!

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