Small space, big ideas…


In these days more and more people live in small apartments, because the prices for buying or renting an apartment are higher and higher every year. Now the most challenging issue with living in a small apartment is not the size of the apartment itself, but all the things you have to organize in a small place. Many apartments find themselves dealing with overcrowded apartment homes because of the economical advantages, sacrificing functionality for an affordable living arrangement. The solution for this problem is to create a living area that is comfortable, enjoyable, and at the same time maximizing your space. We have decided to post a few pictures with small apartments because in the last weeks a few people sent us emails asking us if we can post a few interior design ideas for small apartments, and here are some interesting ideas.

You don’t have to be a designer to create a stylish look in your own small room. With a few easy hints, you can create an intimate room with a grand feeling.


Examine the items in your room and eliminate what you don’t need to create instant serenity, freeing up much needed space. Table surfaces that only showcase one or two accessories create a serene, calming environment that opens up your room and brings attention to the quality of the pieces.

Make Your Rooms Multi-purpose

Rooms don’t have to be limited by what we call them – your kitchen can also function as a home office, gathering spot for guests and child’s playroom.

Remember Your Fifth and Sixth Walls

Intense colors and large-scale patterns on the floor and ceiling can make your small space seem even smaller. A floocovering in a solid color and pattern will open up the floor plane.

Tone it down.

Conventional wisdom suggests that white rooms seem larger, but their starkness can feel institutional. A muted palette of grays achieves the former and avoids the latter.

Divide strategically.

The wood staircase shows real utilitarian panache: It cordons off living and dining zones without sacrificing the airiness of the open floor plan.

Teach old dogs new tricks.

That is, wring as much use out of architectural details as possible. Most people overlook the section under a staircase, but here it’s transformed into a futuristic lounge chair.

Hide and peek.

This custom-built cabinet features a sliding door that conceals DVD and PlayStation equipment but leaves art books visible.

Put beds to work.

Looking for more storage? Don’t forget the head of the bed. Build a hollow headboard with cubbies and an easy-to-use, lift-up top, and constructed a matching mattress frame to boot. The nifty additions eliminate the need for side tables or a linen closet.

And don’t forget to use every inch…


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