Spine Health and Orthopedic Pillows

Spine Health and orthopedic pillows

A good pillow can reduce muscle strain, changes in the spine and prevent disk injuries.

What is the effect of pillows on our spine and/or our sleep quality?

Agood pillow can reduce stress on our muscles and delay the degenerative changes to our spine and prevent disk injuries. A good pillow preserves the norm of the spine curves.

So why not give it a try before buying? How you ask?

- place the pillow under your head,

- either lie on your side or your back,

- place your hands under your neck and check if your muscles are stiff or relaxed.

- If hard, it means that is not the right pillow for you.


NYLON: For those people who sleep on their side, its better they use curved ones since they protect the neck and the spine.

FOAM: for those people who sleep on their back to position it right.

WOOL: For those who sleep on their side. This type is better for them than Linen to protect their neck.

LINEN: For those people who sleep on their stomach. This type is better than flat pillows to prevent a twist in the neck.

FLUFFY: For those who sleep on their back. Specially that this type of pillows are softer and smoother than Linen ones.

BUCK WITT: For those people who let the weight of their head on the pillow. This type of pillows are better than those with a zipper, since they can addjust it to their may.

Sleep tight ;)


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  1. Moutassem says:

    Thank you Noha for this useful info. I liked how you associated each pillow type with the sleeping position. Here’s a an article I wrote about the benefits of orthopedic pillows on neck pain : http://healthyleb.blogspot.com/2012/02/orthopedic-pillows-are-they-useful.html

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