The Aftermath

Smoking is as much of an oral fixation as it is a chemical dependency



quit the bad habit


After quitting, it is normal to gain weight because smoking increase in your metabolism and so after quitting your metabolism decrease.

During this period, you are actually using food as cigarette substitution and remember that Smoking has changes your metabolism so when you quit your metabolism slows terribly even if you continue to exercise you may not reduce weight instantly, therefore this will continue for some time. Nevertheless, you still have to control it.

Smoking is a habit. Substituting another low-calorie or no-calorie substance is a good idea. You want something that you can put in your mouth, something you can chew on, something that takes the place of the cigarette without boosting your caloric intake. Chewing on toothpicks can be an excellent substitute. Toothpicks are calorie-free and easy to keep in your pocket, your purse or at your desk. Low-cal snacks like carrot sticks or celery sticks are good choices but require advance planning if you’re away from the house. You don’t want temptation to strike if you forgot your bag of carrot sticks at home on the counter. Perhaps chewing gum is a better option since it too can easily be stashed in your desk, your pocket, your car, or anywhere that means it’s on hand when you get an urge for a cigarette.


Include uncooked fruits and vegetables in your food.

The bad effect about smoking is that it takes away your alertness.

This can be solved by taking a cup of red clover.

celery - good substitute



Weight gain can be controlled by digestive mucus and if you have been lacking some opt for cinnamon. Another herb called fennel can help to prevent you from feeling hungry hence the desire for food will reduced.

This fennel herb helps in the production of bile juice due to the fact that it is choleretic. Many obese victims take it to improve on their situation.



Weight gain??!! That is not an excuse! You can deal with it through workouts, healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle.






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