THE MENA CRISTAL FESTIVAL 2011 :6th MENA Cristal Festival!


The MENA Cristal Festival is six years old and I am very enthusiastic to come to Lebanon to organize it every year. I feel it is more important than ever to celebrate and encourage creativity in the region, especially considering the difficult times everyone have experienced in these last years.

This sixth edition will focus on being a time for debates and exchanges tackling critical issues for the coming decade.

Inspiration is what we will try to give you all week long with the participation of exceptional personalities both on a business and societal level. The presence of brilliant keynote speakers is a testimony of how prestigious the MENA Cristal Festival has become. They will help us have a glimpse at the “big picture” and show why and how our industry has the ability to change

Christian Cappe

CEO of the MENA Cristal Festival

THE Cristal Festival Network

About the Cristal Festival

Since its creation in 2001, the Cristal Festival held in Crans Montana in Switzerland (previously Méribel Ad Festival) has been bringing together European professionals from the communication industry: clients, advertising, marketing services, interactive and media agencies, production departments, producers, the media, research companies… in an environment full of rich and lively conversation.

In 10 years, the Festival has become an event not to be missed at the end of the Media, Marketing and Advertising year, as well as a special place for creative and professional networking.

More than 1000 professionals attended the Festival in 2010 with strong participation from clients (approximately 180).

The main theme  of this 10th edition was Innovation. In this way the Cristal Festival is staking the claim as the place to be to sound out and discuss the profession’s future: new creative challenges, innovative technology, the evolution of economic models etc.

About the MENA Cristal Festival

The MENA Cristal Festival has been founded in 2005 as a continuation of the Cristal Festival with the aim of introducing a new and ambitious competition for advertising in all North African and Middle Eastern countries. This event is nothing less than a Middle East and North African version of the Cristal Festival organized every year in the Swiss Alps.

It rewards the best advertising campaigns with the famous « Cristal », and therefore exploits the characteristics which made for the success of the Cristal Festival.

It was created as the First Advertising Festival for the Arabic Countries.

After five years of continuing success, the MENA Cristal Festival, The Middle East and North Africa’s Summit for Communication and Media, has announced the launch of its 6th edition, to be held in Mzaar Kfardebiane, Lebanon from January 31st to February 4th, 2011.

A press conference presenting the Festival will be held on January 18th, 2011 Intercontinental Vendome in Beirut.

6th Edition Highlights :

Tuesday 1st February:

Officially launching the Festival, du CEO, Osman Sultan will be giving a Master Conference, which will once again give us the opportunity to discover the best in future innovations as well as give us a better understanding of the media industry’s development prospects.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Co CEO and General Manager will follow. JC Decaux (the first global advertising network), will present an unprecedented conference on the theme of  ”Outdoor Media: innovation, modernity, and impact of digital developments”.

Wednesday, 2nd February:

A debate dedicated to the “creative controversy” will allow festivalgoers to exchange ideas on what constitutes the heart of the media and communications industries.

Wednesday will also be the first day of Cristal Awards, including:

- Cristal Media, headed by Mauricio Sabogal

Worldwide Managing Director Initiative
- Promo Direct & Cristal, chaired by Daniel Morel
Chairman & CEO Wunderman Wordlwide

- Cyber Cristal, chaired by Fernanda Romano,

Global Digital Creative Director Euro RSCG Worldwide and Experiential

Thursday, 3rd February:

Young talent will be honored with a screening from the Young Directors Forum.
Rotana Media Services will also present a lecture by News Corp., promising to open many avenues for both agencies and advertisers.

Akira Kagami, Executive Advisor and Global Executive Creative Advisor, Dentsu Inc., Japan will then give an outstanding Master Conference titled, “Stranger from a Strange Land” providing festivalgoers with a unique opportunity to discover the view of a great professional in our industry.
Finally, the day will end in the Festival’s Closing Ceremony with awards in:

-  Film, Radio, Press & Outdoor Cristal, chaired by Akira Kagami,

- Executive Advisor & Global Executive Creative Advisor, Dentsu Worldwide

- Corporate Cristal, chaired by Joe Ghossoub

Chairman and CEO Menacom Group

The 6th MENA Cristal Festival,

Summit for Media and Communications!

The background:

  • An uncontested prize list,
  • Unique Juries made of agencies and clients,
  • The promotion of networking and exchanges during conferences, round tables, workshops,
  • A Main theme: “Celebrating Innovation & Young Talents” .

A unique place for exchanges and creativity

  • More than 550 professionals in 2009 among the leaders of the region:
  • Regional CEOs, creative directors, marketing managers, general managers, art directors, photographers, journalists, etc.
  • 3 days of judging and screening with industry’s top professional
  • 25 participating countries from the Middle East, North Africa but also Europe and Asia.
  • More than 1000 campaigns entered in 2009

Exchanges for more high level learning

  • The Cristal-Lab : 3 days of conferences, debates, round tables, and workshops about the communication & marketing business
  • Prestigious international & regional speakers like Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Pinder, Edward Borderding, etc
  • Topics at the edge of the industry evolution:
  • The mutation of the Media agency: from purchasing advertising space to being a business partner
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, what is the best platform for advertising on social Media?
  • Behavioral targetting
  • Territorial branding and communication

New in 2011!

The MENA Cristal Clubs

The concept:

In order to maintain the creative exchanges held during the Festival, the leading advertising agencies of the region decided to create a professional network that includes universities. Hence, the Cristal Club was created:

-          to expand the creative exchange throughout the year…

-          through numerous meetings of members…

-          meant to discover new players in the advertising world and in the world of media.

The Production Cristal Academy:

The Production Cristal Academy has been created to gather agencies, tv producers, producers, post-producers… and to work on specific issues of the Production business and highlight the multiple developments of the Production in the communications world.


- Meeting with students in communications & advertising

- International selection of the Young Directors Forum Contest judged by professionals

- Production of a 25 minutes documentary introducing  all the production process of a TVC,

- During the Festival:

-  creation of a web TV

-  realization of short « report » films during the event shown every night

-  being part of the jury through the Production Cristal Academy Membership

The Creative Cristal Club:

A special Creative Cristal Club’s award to value the expression of arabic culture in advertising.

- Goal : Give a proper arabic identity to the « Mena Cristal » with this award (jury constituted with only club members).

- Criteria:  The best visual arab art (artistic directing, graphic design, photo, craft) / The best creation of arabic copy (language)

The writing of a Manifest for quality advertising:

- How to make advertising evolve? What is advertising and what does it stand for?  How the club could add something or define it?

- Goal: to publish a first version of this Manifest  and present  it  at the Mena Cristal Festival .

The 6th MENA Cristal Festival

VIP Attendees

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

As a major actor of the Media Industry, a keynote businessman on a worldwide level, and an inspiring professional in the MENA Region, the MENA Cristal Festival is particularly proud to pay tribute to Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in 2011.

On this occasion, the main VIP of the Festival, International Political Personalities… will be present to hear the honoring speeches, to reward him with the Cristal of honor and to discover the « film homage » realized  on this occasion.

Mena Cristal Festival Conference picturesClick Here to see the pictures

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