The Whining Society!

Haven’t u heard?

Life sucks!

And then you die.

Yea I know, not much of a positive thinking but who are we kidding, everybody knows that!

You’re born in a society that you didn’t choose, in an environment that you haven’t agreed on, believing in a God you’ve been told about, with imposed norms that no matter how hard you try to get, you can’t; you didn’t even choose your sex etc… (The list goes on!)Then, suddenly, when your brain starts to function, you’re required to adapt with all of that without questioning a thing! Yes, not so easy… still… Piece of cake!

Have you heard of the expression: “It’s all in your head”? If you haven’t, please take a moment and understand its meaning! The brain is not decorative, at least for some people. Now it’s true that sometimes events can affect us and they’re beyond our control, but most of the time, for some people a minor incident can cause DRAMA and suddenly they’re the protagonist in one of  Shakespearian tragic plays, speaking words they barely understand!

Seriously, why do we do that, when we have a brain that we control and can function properly?! I mean, let’s face it, Lebanese have to whine at least twice a day, that’s only if he/she is considered to be one of the ‘happy & satisfied’ people of course; if not, it’s damn uncountable! As if it’s becoming an obligation, if you’re resting somewhere peaceful enjoying life as you should be doing, it hits u:”Oh shit I forgot to nag today!” And the scenario (out of nowhere) takes its place and you believe it and somehow –ironically- you feel better! (?)

If people don’t find something to bleat about in the present they bring up the past and events that even God lost track of! It’s like they don’t wanna ever let go!

X: “Girl! You look good! Anything new??”

Y: “Good? New? I look like grandma!! Ever since I’ve been dumped on my wedding day three years ago I feel ugly, my dog died last year and I can’t stop missing him, I had an accident four months ago and my neck still hurts, my job sucks, I hate my tattoo, my nail broke yesterday, and not that I had a joyful childhood either .. Tissue please!!”

X: “Oh babe ! We’re out of tissues, will a gun do ?!”

Ok Hello! The past is history, cry a river, build a bridge and get over it already! If something good happened to you in the past, it doesn’t mean that was your one and only chance! better things come along if you’re not too blind to notice them! Every single day the door knocks and guess who??? No not Santa, Opportunity! Yea..!

Now I know that terrible things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and life’s hard (bla blee)! I do know that and all the bullshit that comes with this sentence; and I also know that no matter how strong people think they are and how much control they have over their lives, at some point it all slips away and they’re faced with the question: What the heck am I doing? And Even sometimes: Who am I?… Hilarious!

But, what I haven’t figured out yet is why Lebanese people are so complicated! Sometimes I think they understood the concept of: “Be Unique” wrongly! Suddenly people who have most problems in life are the unique ones because they survived them all, they are still alive = our heroes! Well dear, credit to the oxygen we breathe… Only!

You’re in physical pain? Take a pill, or maybe a whole bottle! You’re sick? I mean seriously sick? While you’re still breathing, enjoy what’s left for you to live! You’ve been dumped? Pull yourself together no man/woman will be interested in a devastated creature! You’re in love from one side? Wake up that’s not love that’s obsession! You’re broke? Get a job! You’re partner is cheating on you? Leave them! You have no friends? Make some! You’re fat? Start a diet! You don’t know what you want? Go mediate and figure it out! You’re paranoid? Go see a psychologist! You’re stupid by nature? Hmm God be with you then! For that, there will never be a cure!

Some even take the amount of nagging they do per minute for granted to the extreme that it eats them alive and they’re not even aware of the disturbance they’re causing around them.

I bet everyone’s going through what I’m going through, especially with our friends’ status updates on facebook that speak for themselves!  I think the “what’s on your mind” section on fb should’ve been:”make a fool of yourself and share it with your friends”. When someone writes a whole paragraph expressing his sorrow after he/she has been dumped and how his/her heart is crashed (in other word: look at me and show some sympathy, I’m such a damaged creature) what kind of responses do they expect?? Honey, you’ll be laughed at! Maybe some people would feel some empathy (definition: the fear that the stupidity might hit them someday)!

Keep your drama to yo mama and pull yourself together, no one really cares! Don’t you know that by now!? Knock off the sobbing and tears and instead post a joke or something funny, you’ll get positive responses along with some laughter that you’ll forget what worried you in the first place! No one will take 5 mins of his precious time to worry about your problem! See, everyone has his own shit to deal with every-single-day!

Bottom line, you can spend your entire life (literally) whining nagging, crying and annoying everyone around you, it works like magic! I promise!

But, did you know that for every
minute you’re annoyed, you lose 60 seconds of happiness? It’s scientifically proven… NOT! It’s one simple fact! It’s just how we’re supposed to deal with our life. Invert the fact, that’s all you need to do to be happy. Depression is contagious, no kidding! It’s like the flu; you have it and the virus will spread among the whole group you’re with!! Spare yourself and your friends’ from negative energy and vibes!! Take the good out of anything bad you go through instead of dwelling in despair! This will get you through your day, every day, with positive perspectives.

Marguerite Rahal.

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