Top 10 Albums on for 2011

Hello Beiruting fans !!

Check our Top 10 Albums on for 2011 ;)

1.  MIXFM Pool Party @ Edde Sands :

The number 1 album is  the “MIXFM Pool Party” that  took place @ Edde Sands on the 10th of July.

Mix FM  transformed the Edde Sands Pool into the best party this summer.

2.Massari and Mia Martina @ Pepper Club :

The album number 2 is Massari and Mia Martina event that took place @ Pepper Club on the 30th of September. A Duo that transformed pepper club into a dancing paradise.

3.Student day @ laguava :

Album number 3 is the Student day event that took place @ laguava on the 26th of July. It was an amazing day with an amazing pool party.

4.Wet Wet Wet @ Rikkyz :

Album number 4 is the Wet Wet event that took place  @ Rikkyz : concept and idea by Sport Evasion on the 31st of July. It was the best summer party event!

5.Metamorphose Vol1 – Chocolate club :

Album number 5 is Metamorphose Vol1 @  Chocolate club organised by Q Entertainment . Outstanding event with amazing dancers.

6.Twist in the Mist USJ party @ Whisky Mist :

Album number 6 is Twist in the Mist USJ party @ Whisky Mist that happened on the 28th of December. USJ students were surrounded by amazing dancers!

7.Spring Break @ Maison Blanche :

Album number 7 is the Spring Break @ Maison Blanche. AUB people rock!

8.World’s Longest Bar In Jounieh :

Album number 8 is the World’s Longest Bar In Jounieh. This event happened on the 31st of August in Jounieh’s Old Souk ! Lebanon is always proud to challenge and be part of Guiness World Records.

9. St Joseph Festival Split the vibe @ Palais :

Album number 9 is St Joseph Festival Split the vibe @ Palais. USJ people know how to party ;)

10.Dj Mini B/Base & Dimix @ Oceana :

Album number 10 is Dj Mini B/Base & Dimix event that took place @ Oceana on the 26th of August. It was a party not to miss!!


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