Whisky Mist Opening with ‘Cirque du Chic’

Whisky Mist opened its doors for the new season with ‘Cirque du Chic’ on Friday & Saturday October 7th & 8th. The night was filled with party goers as live entertainment was flown in from the UK, led by Chris Fitchew of Beau Production.  The event was open to the public with invitations sent out to the media

Whisky Mist at Le Paon Rouge has a new schedule for the season, open four days a week (Wednesday – Saturday from 10:30 pm until late), with a monthly Sunday, at the end of each month.

Schedule for new season:

Le Paon Rouge Wednesdays… Join us as we travel through a musical journey celebrating years of remarkable hits. Think disco balls, an extravaganza of choreographed dancers, theatrical entertainment and party favors as we revive the era of the elite…Starting end of October

Fashion House Thursdays …  Rejoice in an evening of glitz & glamour where fashion meets notorious house music! Come for the staged performances, the showcase of local talents, the orchestra of live beats… as we commemorate a twist on fashion only at the Mist… Starting November

Secret Sunday with DJ OSANE … spinning the latest in electro, oriental and house music with a night full of live entertainment and where glamour meets the jet-setters of Beirut …Starting October 30th

Whisky Mist is also available for exclusive hire, providing services for hosting corporate parties, fashion shows, fundraisers, charity events, product launches and Christmas parties. Our packages are tailor-made to suit the client and come in the form of a buffet style, pass-around canapés along with a prestigious beverage menu.

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