Woman! For God’s Sake be a woman!!

If you don’t believe in yourself,

Who the hell will?

I don’t really know what happened to the world and why suddenly everyone’s neither happy, nor satisfied, but I know this, like Georges Carlin once said: “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”  I believe he meant to say that people’s minds are ruined and tamed. I couldn’t agree more, besides I think everyone suffers from a common disease and that is: Lack of self esteem! Especially women and it annoys the hell out of me! It’s unacceptable for a woman to feel insecure or weak! I don’t and won’t get that!

We are independent Lebanese beings living in a society where equality is a fact (and whoever tells u differently punch that retard in the face). Women get to study, work and make a big deal out of themselves. Everyone has ambitions (I hope) I don’t see what’s stopping women from achieving their goals!

One of the reasons that bring women down is, of course, men! Why? Because we’ve been brainwashed on the idea that we can’t make it on our own! Lebanese people are literary obsessed with the idea of marriage, the only goal to this journey of yours on earth is to get married, you don’t get married and you’ve failed miserably(wtf)!!  It’s a virus that’s spreading nowadays! When you hit you’re mid-twenties your parents start giving you a hard time:” Ya bente you can’t be single! It’s unacceptable! You need to find yourself a husband to support you, people are talking about you, I want to see my grandchild while I’m still alive” (bla blee). Ironically, it affects us in a way or another and we start wondering the following: “what’s wrong with me? Am I hard to love? Am I ugly? Am I fat? That’s when you become anxious about your solitary and you jump in the first opportunity that knocks your door. Recently, all I hear is that ‘they got engaged’ or’ they got married’ and they’re only in their early twenties!!! Yes marriage is a must, no one will skip it but it will happen when the time is right! Everyone is rushing into it and as a result, as expected, it’s amazingly not working!

The minute a woman meets a man she makes it clear to him that she’s not having fun and she’s a damn serious woman. That’s wrong!! It never starts serious, it just happens with time when you both realize you are suitable for each others; you can accept his faults he can accept yours and that’s it, it gets serious! Do not spoil the fun on the first date; it will kill the whole concept of relationships. Let him discover who you are himself… with time! If telling your man exactly what you want from him and how you want it before you even say hello is an option, they would have made institutions for that where you can order your  perfect guy and they’ll bring him to your house in 24 hours. (I think they actually do it somewhere in the world! How sad!

Everyone’s rushing into marriage, especially women as if men will evaporate in couple of years and there’s not enough time! 2012 is not the end of the world either so relax!!!  Or maybe_ and that’s even sadder_ because the woman thinks that she’s not good enough for anyone so when a guy gives her some attention, she grabs him with all the power she has and never let go!

Dear women, please learn that there is time for everyone to get married, and there’s a man for each one of us (I promise!) you just haven’t met him yet! Don’t rush into it just because all your friends are getting married and you aren’t! Don’t marry someone just because there weren’t any others that gave a damn! You deserve more than what you settle for! Do not underestimate yourselves and wait for the perfect man, of course there isn’t a perfect man, but there is one perfect man ‘for you’!

I think Lebanese girls are the smartest, yet some stories surprise me! Why would some women accept to be mistreated by their partners! Don’t you know that you, lady, set the rules in the relationship?? If a man has a bad temper and you don’t stop him when he loses it on you, he’ll never change. But when you pinpoint, from the start, that you will not tolerate that kind of behavior he ought to know his limitation! Of course if he cares enough to keep you, and if he doesn’t, please, kick the man out of your life! Be a woman and do something about it because you can! Some of the stories I hear make me wana shoot the guy along with the girl! Every man has the potential of being an amazing asshole, if you don’t do anything about it he’ll play you like a radio! If you are being mistreated stand up for yourself and do not give me the crap of “I’m crazy in love with him I can’t leave him”! That’s bullshit, if love isn’t mutual and respectful from both parties; it’s not freaky worth a second of your time! There are a lot of fish in the sea, and my dear the sea is wide wide open!

Another thing that annoys me in girls! Like when a girl doesn’t give her partner time for himself for the fear that he might cheat on her (and that’s becoming a hilarious common rule). If a man wants to cheat he’ll do it while you’re standing right next to him! In fact the more you make a big deal out of it, the more he will be tempted to do wrong! If you don’t trust your man you’ll never do and you‘ll dwell in misery for the rest of your life, or not, because eventually he will leave you because he’ll get fed up. Plus, haven’t you got enough self confidence in yourself to know that no woman out there is a threat to you! If you haven’t, then lock yourself in your room and don’t ever go out. Women with zero self confidence should not be allowed to date! The idea of having stupid women out there mistreated by men annoys me! Men need time for themselves, give them space and give them a reason to keep missing you; plus, don’t you have your own shit to do? Are you that dependent on your guy? That’s it, he’s your life and you will die without him? Do you even threaten him to kill yourself if he leaves you? If yes then oh my! You’re so damaged!! What about you and what you want to do with your life? I bet this type of women have no goals other than keeping an eye on their partners’ behavior when they aren’t around! If you don’t trust yourself you will never trust your man!

I believe that every woman should walk as if she’s wearing an invisible crown, why? Because we’re beautiful, intelligent and we can get any man we want! There are no ugly woman on earth because there’s always something special in each and every one of u! Be comfortable with yourself and love yourself because you’re unique in your own special way. Have dreams and goals in your life and seek that, without letting anything stand in your way! Men should be a plus in our life, a bonus! We don’t need a man to complete us. We shape our own universe!

Marguerite Rahal




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    are you a lesbian ?

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