3 great superstars(Massari,Mia Martina,Belly)were welcomed in Lebanon by Beiruting.com


With sold out concerts around the world, One Million Facebook fans and more than 27 million views of just one of his videos on YouTube,international pop Lebanese,Canadian superstar MASSARI
and an Palestinian-Canadian Juno Award winning rapper and winning 3 MuchMusic video awards and hitting the top chart twice,BELLY
and The up-and-coming sensual voice fueled the accordion-inflected Platinum remix of “Stereo Love” MIA MARTINA


Beiruting.com welcomed the 3 superstars in Lebanon,and invited them respectivaly to one of the Beirut’s best rooftop club ever White Beirut,on 28th of June 2012.
the aforementioned guests spent some time at the club,with an amazing and passionate crowd including fans all over the club shooting pictures with them.
The club was set on fire with Massari’s new single “Brand new day”.


on sunny day of July 1st Massari was in Lebanon to launch hes new single”Brand new day” also Beiruting.com came up with another invitation to aformentioned guests at Lebanons most luxurious place,Edde Sands Beach Resort.
they had a rest at VIP pool,and then went to Edde Sands beach bar to watch the Summer Fashion Festival Show by Solicet.
After the show the talented DJ welcomed Massari on stage to perform his new single at the beach bar,also the crowd was amazing people were singing,sweating and dancing all over the beach bar and shooting Massari.

at the end of the day Beiruting.com crew had a interview with Superstar Massari,where he thanked Beiruting.com for such an wonderful day and he also mentioned he has a suprise for Beiruting.com fans “Brand new day”single available download only on Beiruting.com social website.

It was such a pleasure for Beiruting.com to invite the most powerful elegant artists in the world to Lebanon and spend the best times with them.

The best is yet to come!


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