A little something you didn’t know about Cirque Du Soleil crew.

Cirque Du Soleil is a show for the whole family. It’s a “simple show but not in a bad way” says the publicist of this event Maxim Charbonnea. It’s a funny and colorful celebration where the artists have fun and present a stunning show. Cirque Du Soleil has been to countless countries so far, and even though they’ve been trying to bring it to Lebanon since 2004, it never worked. After several attempts, they’re finally here and the Lebanese people will be able to experience and witness one of the most joyful and incredibly talented shows in the platform of the circus.

Here’s a little something you didn’t know about Cirque Du Soleil crew.

There are 50 artists on the show. Artists’ age varies between 19 to 50 years old and they are all in great shape and extremely talented. Some come from gymnastics backgrounds, others from circus ones. Artists train everyday from 1 until 5 or 6, then get some rest before the show.

Everything travels with them! They used 17 containers in order to bring all their stuffs to Lebanon. Every backstage they visit should make the artists feel like home. The head pieces characters the artists wear on the show are simply gorgeous and every head piece is indeed a piece of art! They carry 3000 costumes every time they’re on a tour. Only 1200 pieces are used in every show but they have a backup piece for every costume. Costumes needs to be repaired every once in a while and sometimes replaced, that’s why they have their own full time crew of designers travelling with them. They even bring their own gym and washing machines and dryer machines to the place they are visiting!

The Catering in the backstage is chosen locally, but they had to pre-approve the menu first by nutritionists from Montreal.

It’s all about details. They’re very careful about every little detail, and that’s what makes them such professionals and make their tour a well organized one.

When we asked the publicist about how the concept came to be alive, he said that as any creation of art there must be an original creator and this unique creator attracts another unique creator creating an original concept together.

It’s important for every Lebanese to step into the world of circus and be a part of this amazing experience. It’s definitely a must see show!


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