Atomic Production

Flexibility, people skills, organization, passion, and most importantly time management. While reading, you are probably asking yourself what the five words that introduced this article represent. Four years ago, the year it all started, the year that was a huge success for the responsible people behind it. Following five qualities that are sacred to them, they were able to prove where they stand and who they really are. Their capabilities are simply incredible and their goals were always put to be accomplished and to astonish hundreds, even thousands of fans. Atomic Productions has undoubtedly proved itself to be the number one production in its category since it all began. Events that triggered the attention of thousands of fans that are constantly growing due to word of mouth that is definitely positive, Atomic Production was always on top. From Edward Maya to Greg Parys and Alexis, the production was unique and working hard to improve and please its fans. Moving on, three DJs, talented and surely number one were present and are still present in most of the events that are being held excluding Atomic events. Not to forget one of the best, Atomics’ MC that is always ready to ignite the night and make it unforgettable to all attendees. Of course, advancing was not easy but was rewarding, a production studio and a fashion club exclusively for Atomic have been initiated and are undeniably the best today. Fans are always enjoying the events that are made and the memories will never fade away.Why? Atomic Production’s crew includes one of the best photography teams yet that are equipped with the best and up-to-date equipment to provide everyone with souvenirs that will always remind them of all the happy moments they had. There is much more to say, and much more surprises to come to all Atomic fans. Beiruting undoubtedly finds Atomic production on top and the best until today.

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