Be healthy and lose weight with QUINOA the New Super Food!

Guys! Have you noticed that nowadays we have been talking about so many grains? It seems it’s the grain revolution in the nutrition world!

After we talked about flaxseeds and chia seeds, now we should definitely put to shine the already famous QUINOA healthy grains!

Can you believe that Studies show that protein value of quinoa can only be compared to breast milk, leaving behind foods like meat, eggs or fish?

Yes, vegetarians are eating healthier, much healthier than meat eaters. Believe me between quinoa, oats, flaxseeds, amaranth (will talk about it in another article soon), chia, millet, buckwheat, soy meat, soy beans, edamame, and all the big quantities of vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds that vegetarians eat, that’s for sure they consume healthier amounts of fiber, omega 3 and antioxidants than meat eaters and fast food eaters which collaborates for cardiovascular and overall health!

Quinoa’s origins are truly ancient since at least 3,000 B.C. It was one of the three staple foods, along with corn and potatoes, of the Inca civilization.

The quinoa seed is a relatively good source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc e manganese. It contains an almost perfect balance of all eight essential amino acids needed for tissue development in humans.

We also note the high amount of fiber present. The fibers work for the good bowel function, help control cholesterol levels and blood glucose so it is good for diabetic people to consume it!

Another advantage of quinoa it is that it’s gluten free, so people with gluten intolerance, called celiac disease, also can enjoy this food.

It is rich in substances related to the development of intelligence, quick reflexes and functions such as memory and learning. In each grain is found 20 different amino acids, including lysine, an amino acid that helps strengthen immunity and memory capacity. And tt is beneficial for people with migraines too.

As you see there are only advantages in consuming quinoa! Why not trying it? You will find it in most supermarkets!

You cook it as rice and can use it as a replacement for burghul like in tabuleh, or for rice in most foods like stuffed zucchinis, or in salads, soups, and even deserts! Just be creative!


 Cold salads consisting of quinoa and chopped vegetables or cooked beans make a quick, easy, and nutritious dish. An idea of a delicious quinoa salad is:

Red lettuce + rocca + a slice of melon in cubes + a slice of green apple in cubes + 2 full table spoons of quinoa and salt!

Enjoy your new ingredient!


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