Bloom Where You’re Planted


Spring time is here, flowers are everywhere, and the promise of good weather and days full of light and warmth is in the air. As if those lovely snow-white daisies were waiting for an invitation from sunlight to come out of their hiding places in the ground. And now here they are, blooming everywhere!

What about us? When will the time come for us to feel “invited to come out of our hiding places and bloom?” When will we start living to the max? In other words, when will we be “happy?”


So many of you readers out there know exactly what I’m talking about, probably because they are stuck somewhere in that long pursuit of happiness called “life” in other words.

Hey why don’t we take a few minutes to stop what we’re doing, open the door to our inner world, peek inside, and ask ourselves these questions:

    • Am I happy in my life? (On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being “not happy”, and 5 being “very happy”, where would I put myself right now?)
    • If I consider myself happy, is happiness my state of being, living or feeling?
    • What is it that is making me happy or adding to my happiness?
    • In each of these categories, called the 7 F’s, where do I find myself happier/ the happiest? o Family o Friends o Feelings o Fitness o Faith o Finances o Fantasy
    • What could happen to me now that would make me happier at this stage of my life? Why?
    • What if it never happens, would it mean that I will never be happy?
Many people (like scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and ordinary people) describe happiness each adding their own words and criteria, but they do all agree on one thing: happiness springs from within, it is a mental state of well-being that generates positive emotions. So very simply, happiness is not tied to places, people, jobs and positions, money, achievements,… Does that mean that all of the mentioned have no impact on it? No, they do, they help us feel satisfaction and pleasure, but they


It is rather common to hear this expression “when you don’t have what you love, you should LOVE what you have,” an expression that could be heard and understood in many ways, but for us here, we would like to exchange it with the invitation to “BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED,” which means find your happiness and nourish it inside of you, and it will accompany you wherever life takes you. Of course, lifestyle changes are always possible and have lots of benefits, but when those changes become impossible, just remember that happiness IS possible, because it’s right there inside of you, so look around you, make a list of everything good in your life (the 7 F’s can help), focus on that, and it will come naturally: you will definitely bloom where you’re planted and celebrate life!

Christiane J. Rouhana 

Clinical Psychologist Counselor


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