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Another year ended and a new one just begun. I’m certain that many of us have done some bizarre things in 2011 thinking that 2012 will be the end of the world; well what can I say… Surprise, we’re still alive! I know it’s been a month already and I should’ve posted this article a while now but when a new year starts it always takes us some time to get back on track! I hope you all had a blast on NYE, I know I did. I kind of love this evening, unlike some people it’s not just another party with friends, there’s something about New Year’s Eve that makes it exceptional. Other than the CRAZY increase in prices at clubs and restaurants, the sum of accidents that occur on this night and the great amount of alcohol you encounter, this evening does have its magical sensation, only if you decide to feel it.

Speaking of magic I can’t but mention the hilarious trend that’s been taking place a while now on television, which is the psychics who opt to overwhelm us on this specific night with their humorous observations, or let me call it ‘prophecies’, on what is going to happen in 2012. I tried to avoid this crap that night but you know they always rerun such significant programs. I was literally obliged to listen to one of those exceptional creatures and I can say that it made my day! This woman, on one of the channels had written down her illustrations on papers (like a 1000 papers) and each and every proficiency cracked me up more than the other! Seriously how can someone even believe that the future can be predictable? From what I can remember before switching the channel, she was predicting our singers’ future. She said Haifa’s going to sing a foreign song that will turn into the hit of the year and Elissa’s going to perform in Spanish and all I could think about was: Gee, you just gave Haifa the idea sweety and I bet Elissa started taking Spanish classes at the moment! Nevertheless, I might show my respect for such people, they exhaust their minds and health to get paid better for their bullshit every year. Now that’s tough!

Back to our topic, I promised myself to end the year with an article that sums up the past extraordinary year but there were three reasons why I couldn’t write this article before:

1-      No one had the time to read it.

2-      I hadn’t had time to write it.

3-      I secretly hoped the world would have ended by now…

Christmas and New Year’s holidays are the most vital holidays of the year. No one has the heart to work, you suddenly lose the strength of mind to accomplish any possible job and become intoxicated with the joyfulness that surrounds you.  I believe those holidays are similar to alcohol, bear with me I do have a point..! How many of us received messages and phone calls from people we forgot they existed?! I believe just like alcohol people tend to blame their dim behavior and deeds on the holidays in order to achieve what they’ve been craving for the whole year!


X: I’m going to text her and sign my name at the end of it, that way she’ll think it isn’t intentionally written for her! Dude, if she replies I’m so back in the game! -Wink-

Y: But it’s been ages man, I thought you deleted each other’s number!

X: Euhh my cell phone read my mind without me knowing! Aren’t you familiar with the power of technology!?

Y: Why don’t you sign next to your name “Broadcasting from heaven”, the whole thing would  sound  more believable!

So we received messages from retards, so we drank too much that it feels as if we’re still in a hangover phase, so we gained some unnecessary weight, so the fun is over and so we’re back to work, university or school. Since everyone is overwhelming us with their 2012 resolutions and since I haven’t figured out my own…yet, I’m going to shed some light on what could be ‘the best resolution’ for those, like me, who still hadn’t consider their own out!

For those who are not familiar with the word resolution and I’m sure they’re many, let me explain it for you. Resolution is some kind of a promise you make to yourself by the beginning of the year, where you decide to break an old habit or work on your attitude or simply add something meaningful to your life in order to spend your upcoming year the best way possible. Sticking to that plan is mostly not viable given that it’s not quite easy to change your lifestyle in matter of days; however people always tend to live the dream by trying to make a difference.

Nevertheless, at times, resolutions do work. How? Let’s see, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Exactly! There’re always new things to do, new perspectives to believe in, new roads to take, new people to meet and new resolutions to accomplish. If you’re bored, lost and have no clue how to spice up your life, here’re some suggestions:

-          I think one of the most important resolutions that everyone should try to work on this year is fakeness! The ‘yiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ and ‘yaaaaaaaa’ community makes me sick to my stomach! It’s like watching a terrible terrible Lebanese series… constantly… everywhere! Try to be less of a faker in whatever you do, there’s nothing like being yourself and showing who you really are. I wonder how fakers sleep at night or how they keep up with all the lies they choke on every day! If you feel you’re just a little bit of a faker, work on it and try to overcome this –disease-! While you think no one’s noticing it, be sure that no one is overlooking it!

-          For those who are constantly miserable and feeling down, seriously you make me feel like slapping you in the face…relentlessly! Either you’re nothing but attention seekers or you simply failed to live, at all. Everyone is most likely to bypass a phase where nothing seems to work as expected and there’s nothing easier than giving in to sadness! NOTHING, trust me! But when you break free from it and come out stronger than ever, that’s when your life will start to make sense. If you plan on staying planted where you are and not do anything about it, I advise you to go shoot yourself! Just kidding, take some pills, it’s less painful! Oh let’s get serious here… The things you could do are the following:

  • Make some new friends, sometimes your surroundings happen to be the implicit reason of your suffering.
  • Have a makeover, every once in a while.
  • Visit a psychologist, whoever’s going to judge you for seeking such help is simply an ignorant that should be ignored!
  • You must have a habit, engage in it. Learn a new language, take fitness classes, draw, sing… Just keep yourself busy!
  • Seek newness everyday!

-          Mood swings are curable, I know because I, myself suffer from them! I recently figured out the best treat for it which is reading a comic book or any other genre, not watching TV nor listening to music, but reading. When you have a book in your hands, you simply skip to another world, you forget everything and give in to your imagination, whereas when you’re bad tempered you simply can’t listen to any noise, you wouldn’t stand to watch television, you’ll be sitting there with an angry face waiting for the TV to explode on its own! Try it, it works like magic!

-          If you hate your job, I’m not going to say quit it, I wish it’s that easy but let’s get real we all know life is pretty rough out there and you do need the money… to party, go shopping and stuff, of course . Best thing you could do is try to familiarize with your job, make your office your home; not by bringing your bed to work but by personalizing the environment, the more you’ll hate your job the more it will affect your mood, health and LIFE! After all you spend more time in your office than your room.

-          DIET, and I wonder how many of us have considered this resolution as an option for the coming year. Yes, it is a big deal. Now I know that whoever points fingers and calls you fat should consider suing their brains for nonsupport, but we’re not trying to make anyone’s life but ours better. Happiness in general can’t be achieved when you’re mad at yourself, and those extra fats do drive us crazy! Love your body and take care of it. Instead of spending most of the day staring at someone else’s abs, go and create your own.

-          If you’re in a so what they call a ‘complicated relationship’, stop wasting your time, it’ll never work. Whoever invented the concept of complicated relationships was just buying themselves time to have more fun without any commitment. While you’re wasting your time with someone who doesn’t know what you are worth, you’re missing on some good shot to meet the right one. Start your year fresh; leave him/her in the past where they belong because if they belonged in your future you wouldn’t have felt as puzzled as you do now!

-          If you live your life in regards to what society expects from you then you’re misusing the freedom that’s been given to you simply by existing as a human being. Stop worrying about what others might say, just do your thing! Don’t let anything weights you down. It’s your life and yours only. The choices you make the things you do and say define ‘you’. You don’t need to please the world in order to be happy and fulfilled. Matter of fact you’ll only get there if you chose to please yourself!

None of the above resolutions will ever work if you don’t plan on working on yourself in the first place. Life doesn’t just throw plans into your arms; you need to seek them yourself. Life doesn’t actually ask you what you need; you impose your needs on it. Play tricks with life, it works on it too. Create your happiness and don’t depend on someone else to create it for you! I wish you motivation in order to make you forthcoming New Year as blissful as possible!

Marguerite Rahal

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  1. Roula says:

    Very impressinggg :D mmuaaaaaaaaa

  2. Bernard says:

    Helloo… yea people making an excuse of this night to call an old ex… that’s hilarious… i thought this just happens with me :P
    I gotta say that’s a very special article.. cz it uses the start of the year to encourage personal improvements!

  3. Carole says:

    Love it ! so true every word

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