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Hamra is an undiscovered town for most of us, I recently decided to give it a go and stray from the places I constantly visit. Given that I’ve been living my whole life in Lebanon, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been missing on some great & interesting locations, out of ignorance of course…

Set in the heart of Hamra, an authentic pub called Cribs is your refuge from all the dull routine that’s been taking over your life a while now. My friends and I visited this place after a long exhausting day at work and the minute we stepped in the door we breathed in the cozy, relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

I found the interior appealing with its old style décor assorted with a modern attitude; the curves of the elegant sofas, nicely designed chairs and bar are distributed in the best possible way; there’s a wild space to fit the biggest amount of people especially that on the weekends people tend to storm the pubs, but don’t worry you won’t be pushed around and your drink won’t be spilling on you! Just across the place you spot a chimney which adds a homely sensation to the place. Cribs Offers an interesting food menu and the finest alcohol and cocktails so you and the company you’re with can cherish good times with a mix of soft, alternative, oldies, hip hop and Rn’b music that will fulfill your senses

Cribs opens also during the day. If you happen to be around or simply looking for a refuge from a stressful day, take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee on the resonance of lounge music. When I asked the owner about the concept that the place has been developed on, he said: “…to make you feel like home” and indeed it did. I believe this place will lure you, make sure you visit it!

 Marguerite Rahal

















































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