Dear February, How Many Hearts Will You Break This Year?

So Valentine’s Day is days away! How do i know? Because everywhere i look there’s something in red staring at me yelling, “Buy me, buy me”! For some, this season is the best time ever. For others this season reminds them of how much of a failure they are simply because they’re single. For me, it’s a day to be thankful and grateful for all the people that take place in my life! See, if the one you love tells you he loves you back on Valentine’s Day it doesn’t add anything to it, does it? If two people are in love, their whole time together should feel like Valentine. This article is dedicated to all the devastated single ones because I believe this red season unconsciously affects them.
Somehow when valentines’ approaches, single people tend to upsurge their outings… in hunt for a Valentino/a! It’s like a challenge they make with themselves “I’m going to get my Valentino/a even it will cost me my life and if I fail I’m going through my phone book”. I know I always tend to exaggerate but trust me this time it is a true story!
I’m not sure exactly what goes on in their minds while planning this hideous day but i bet it’s something they take pretty seriously, that can bring them down or make their day. After all, no one has the right to judge them; apparently they do that to themselves more often! It’s really sad to watch weak people who lack of their self-esteem struggling in this mean life. It breaks my heart to know that those people depend on others in order to uphold their existence. Similar to society who says: “hey, I’m here to make people hate themselves and want to die” Valentine tells them:” hey, I’m here to remind you of how ugly, unwanted and much of a failure you are”.
Note to self: An event, a day, a season does not define you, you define it!


People tend to go crazy on this day; some might even hire someone to be their valentine in order to upload some pictures that will prove to everybody they’re not ALONE (…yet so lonely)! You think I’m kidding?
 Anything can happen on Valentine’s Day, friends you tried hard to cheer up for a year after they broke u, will lose it on this day and go back to zero with the “last year he gave me his hoodie and we kissed under the rain” speech. Others might go back to an old lover just to bypass this day where everyone will be ‘loving one another’. Some will even exhaust themselves with work preventing feeling left out l and other interesting people will be celebrating their freedom and appreciating the blessing of what they have instead of what they’re missing.
One week from now I will be hearing this and that about how everybody celebrated their Valentine’s Eve. Of course there will be naïve people judging the significance of this day by how much their partner spent on them, others will celebrate in private without bragging about the 5000$ gifts they got for each other nor the 10,000$ exceptional flower that symbolizes their love. On the other hand there will be heartbroken singles who wished they celebrated with the one they crave for.
My definition of love, and I’m not going to share all of it in this article (because I would sound as a retard) is the following: love is a feeling, similar to any other feeling such as fear, hunger, pain, anxiety etc… You feed fear with comfort; hunger with food; pain with pill; anxiety with solutions and love with mutual attention and care. If this feeling is not mutually felt and appreciated from both parties and doesn’t feed both of the hungry hearts, then it’s not worth it. Don’t exhaust yourself thinking about what you don’t have and the people that are missing in your life. Enjoy the present for what it’s offering because even though you’re not aware of it… it’s priceless. If you’re single it’s because it’s still not the right time for you to be in a relationship. If you’re craving for a relationship and not being able to have one, stop putting so much effort on the idea and it will come. If you’re still in love with your ex and are blinded to notice anyone else, either go back to him or move on already.
Romantic movies have misled everyone into thinking that love is ‘Magic’. Well it’s not! It’s something you work on in order to keep alive. It needs maintenance every once in a while. Whether you have it in your life or not, you can only enjoy it for what it gives you from treasured moments and unforgettable memories.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marguerite Rahal
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  1. stephanie.b says:

    Yesss that’s the spirit !!! love u my friend .. have a happy valentines day XO

  2. Elie says:

    Screw the 14th, I love you everyday Margo :P hahaha

  3. Roulzz* says:

    Dear Marg, i love the way you translate your and everyone’s thoughts into realistic and thoughtful words… remember that i love u too me friendaaa :D

    Signature: ucci
    Happy valentine!<3

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