Did you know that a facebook status can take you to court?

When you think that you’re coming out funny or simply being a poet while updating your facebook status, you should take into consideration that your words might be used against you.

A married couple broke up and removed each other from Facebook.  The heartbroken husband kept updating his status with quotes and proverbs that implicitly address his wife, without mentioning her name or anything. Their friends in common were delivering all news and status updates to the wife. She got irritated and decided to take him to court. The judge looked the husband’s profile and found him guilty for indirectly distressing his wife. In order to avoid 60 days in jail, the judge forced him to write an apology status on Facebook to his wife, daily for 30 days.


He has till 9 am, to post the below apology or else he’ll get in trouble:

‘I would like to apologize to my wife, Elizabeth Byron, for the comments regarding her and our son … which were posted on my Facebook wall on or about November 23, 2011.

‘I hereby acknowledge that two judicial officials in the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court have heard evidence and determined that I committed an act of domestic violence against Elizabeth on January 17, 2011.

‘While that determination is currently being appealed, it has not been overturned by the appellate court.

‘As a result of that determination, I was granted supervised parenting time with (my son) on a twice weekly basis.

‘The reason I saw (my son) only one time during the four-month period which ended about the time of my Facebook posting was because I chose to see him on only that single occasion during that period.

‘I hereby apologize to Elizabeth for casting her in an unfavorable light by suggesting that she withheld (my son) from me or that she in any manner prevented me from seeing (my son) during that period. That decision was mine and mine alone.

‘I further apologize to all my Facebook Friends for attempting to mislead them into thinking that Elizabeth was in any manner preventing me from spending time with (my son), which caused several of my Facebook Friends to respond with angry, venomous, and inflammatory comments of their own.’


Yes, if you have anyone in mind you want to take to court, here’s your chance! Just kidding, but next time you update your status, bear in mind that your words are literally, taken pretty seriously.


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