Did you know that high heels were originally created for MEN ?

You wouldn’t believe it but it’s true. When high heels were invented, men were the first to wear them! The history of heeled shoes started long time ago in ancient Greece where the forerunner of the high heel was designed. A man with high heels was considered to be someone powerful or of an upper class or military man. Back then, male actors were only allowed to act in plays. They used to wear high heels in order to be referred to as powerful and above the other actors. High heels were also efficient for horseback riding since it keeps the rider’s feet in their stirrups of the saddles whenever they are riding horse.

Apparently and judging by the picture, they are trying to bring this trend back. Let’s just hope NOT!

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  1. Roulzz* says:

    looooooooool actually regarding the storyit’s so so sooooo true but referreing to this pic !!!! the heels are soooooooooooooo feminine unlike the ancient invented heels for man :P muaaaaaaaa

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