Did you know that you can sell your kidney in order to afford an iPhone, iPad?

I hope this doesn’t encourage anyone out there but yes, a Chinese teen did sell his kidney in order to buy himself an iPhone, iPad. This is due to the negative impact of the consumerism that is increasing in the Chinese society. The new Chinese generation is more faced with technology than the previous generation and they kind of have a craving for all apple products. Since not everyone can afford this popular yet priced beyond the reach product, teens are experiencing the ‘got-to-have-it-no-matter-what’ crisis!

The teen is 17 years old from Anhui, a very poor and humble state. When his parents asked him where he got the iPhone and iPad from, he admitted that he sold his kidney in order to afford it.  When his parents learned about this disaster, they sued the five people who arranged the organ transfer among a surgeon who has been already charged with “illegal organ trading” in 2007.

Sadly, the child’s health is delicate and he’s suffering from renal deficiency!

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