Did you know you can track your child and find out when they’re not attending school?

Yes, unfortunately fun times at school for brazilian students are over! Brazilian schools came up with a new policy in order to control children’s behavior. New computer chips will be embedded within student’s uniforms so that teachers and parents can track them and know their every move.

Parents will receive a text message when their child arrives at school and in case they don’t show up within 20 minutes, parents will receive the following text: “Your child has still not arrived at school.”
BBC news have reported that:” Some 20,000 pupils in the north-eastern city of Vitoria da Conquista will have microchips embedded in their school T-shirts”

All children up to 14 are going to have to stick to this program! The local government invested up to $700,000 to put this system.

Imagine we’ve been raised knowing that our parents and teachers are tracking our every move! Can you even imagine it?! I personally think that the idea is sick and strangles children’s freedom! I wonder how pathetic those kids will grow up to be after being programmed and raised without the gift of free will. Just saying.

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