EddéSands Chef Hussein Salame Wins 1st Prize in International Competition for Mediterranean Cuisine.

Wednesday April 25th, 2012

 EddéSands Chef Hussein Salame Wins 1st Prize in International Competition for Mediterranean Cuisine.

SAVELLETRI, Italy – A young Lebanese man from EddéSands Hotel & Wellness Resort in Byblos, Lebanon; thirty five year old Hussein Salame, was the grand prize winner of the First International Competition of Mediterranean Cuisine: “Odori, Sapori e Colori” (Aromas, Tastes & Colors). His highly professional standards and competitive spirit were the winning combination to triumph in this event hosted by the Masseria San Domenico Savelletri Fasano.

The challenge, organized by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation non-profit organization in partnership with Masseria San Domenico, Cantine Due Palme and Edifim, editor of Gourmet Cooking Chef, was attended by competitors from countries bordering the Mediterranean basin.

The winning chef, Hussein Salame captured the attention of the jury with a flavorful and aromatic Mediterranean dish. The recipe consisting of seafood, roasted green corn, tomatoes, almonds, beans and peppers – contained the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet which is primarily an education of healthy eating.

The jury was presided over by Marcello Masi, Director of TG2 and included: Fausto Arrighi, director of the Michelin Guide; Roberta Schira’s Corriere della Sera, Mara Nocilla, Gambero Rosso, Diego Critelli and Gaetano Crepaldi of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation.

The contest was the final event of the two day symposium organized by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, the first of its kind in Italy, which opened Friday at Palace Tanzarella in Ostuni.  Thus began a scientific journey that seeks to promote and spread the Mediterranean diet as a cultural model abandoned during the economic boom of the sixties and seventies as it was deemed too low and unattractive compared to other types of food at the time, in particular, the cuisine of the United States. Over the past few years, interest in the Mediterranean diet regained momentum and the diet was recently declared a UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

The Mediterranean diet brings us back to our roots as it is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.


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