Exotica Celebrates the Season with Nursery Open House

Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the great outdoor family time. As the sun slowly takes its place in our daily lives again,Exotica organized a Nursery Open House in Zouk Mosbeh on May 5, 2012, to welcome Summer in the most perfect venue.

The day-long open house was an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy their time surrounded by plants, trees, flowers, and greenery under the warming sun.
The Exotica Nursery is a haven of greenery within easy reach of Beirut, where a huge selection of everything green can be found throughout the year. In summer, it is the perfect place to get some quality outdoor time, and that is precisely why the Open House focused on family time in nature.

The event included fresh food and drink stations, and activities for families and kids. This is the first time Exotica holds such an event, in an attempt to provide families in Lebanon with an opportunity to spend time together, all the while learning about the plants in the nursery.
“The event was a huge success,” explained Mr. Ziad Nassif, CEO of Exotica. “We had lots of families that took a break from their rushed urban lifestyles to spend a day getting in touch with nature.”

While the Open House was a one-day event, the Exotica Nursery welcomes people throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday. With its endless rows of greenery, it is the perfect escape from the buzz of the city, and a wonderful place to learn about nature and the joy it brings to the lives of people.  For more details please visit www.exoticaflora.com

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