Are You Stupid? No I’m Fake!

“They say keep your friends close but your ennemies closer. Problem is, nowadays you can’t tell them apart.” Now i know everybody wears a mask. It’s a common fact; it’s impossible to behave at the office the same way you behave at a pub . What’s important about wearing this mask is knowing how to cope with it so that it can always identify who you are. To me fake is stupid! Why? Because you insult a fake person in his/her face and they stare at u, all cheery, as if they don’t realize what just happened. Yes I’m angry, Yes I’m frustrated, Yes I’m sick and tired of being surrounded by incompetent people whose journey on earth is to ruin our life. This article’s a tribute to all the stupid people we know, the stupid people we tend to take for granted and forget about and the stupid people we try hard to stray from.  I personally bump into those people every single day and I just cannot tolerate stupidity anymore. It’s ruining my health.

You look at some people and wonder, “could you possibly be more fake?” And there they are, taking it as a challenge and proving how talented they can get!


I always attack fake people, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Those people should be arrested or banned from living and breathing the same air we breathe. I’m not talking about physical appearances, if they want to look like their face swell out of nowhere or they accidently dipped themselves in a makeup drawer and covered every nude part of their body with accessories, it’s only their problem. I’m referring to the fake behavior that sadly, almost everyone is behaving in nowadays. Their stupidity is not a disease, it’s not a biological combination of Y and X chromosomes that failed to form a being, and unlike what they think, no it’s definitely not ‘a gift’. Most fake people are aware of their fakeness and worst of all proud of it. They think they are talented enough to insult others’ intelligence and get away with it t. They are annoying creatures and my biggest fear would be that their fakeness could be contagious.


If you’re smart enough and happen to be normal, you can identify a fake person  miles away. I’m talking about the people you know you shouldn’t tell anything to because a) they don’t care and b) they will use any given information against you. I’m sure you’re not all aware of the fake people you’re surrounded with, probably not even aware that you, yourself could be one of them. So, how can you spot a fake person? bBetter yet, what makes you fake person?

-          Talking behind somebody’s back… that’s fake

-          Spreading smiles to people that you know can’t stand you… that’s fake

-          Remembering someone just because you need a favor from them… that’s fake

-          Pretending to be interested in someone’s personal life to get information for your own… that’s fake

-          Pretending to be innocent while everyone knows your truth… that’s fake

-          Playing dumb… FAKE

-          Enjoying seeing someone mess up big… that’s fake

-          Straying from someone who needs you… that’s fake

-          Being selfish and narcissist… that’s fake

-          Not keeping promises for people that care about you… that’s fake

-          Taking advantage of someone… that’s fake


Other than that… Girls:

-          Referring to who you consider an enemy as ‘Ya Hayete’ is no longer tolerable. ‘Mean girls’ is a movie, a story, a script written to make fun of fake people. You don’t watch it to learn the techniques and practice them. No sweety, you’re getting it all wrong!

-          When you get together with your girlfriends please take it easy on your health with the, ‘Shah2a’ followed by the ‘Yaaaaa JA-ME-LIK’ bla blee ! Those weird voices that comes out of your mouth that say” Look at me I can scream and make sounds you never heard  before” could possibly hurt you, you might choke or something! For God’s sake!!! Do you even hear yourself?

Now we all know how girls can fake it and how good they can get at it, but spotting a fake man? Gee, that’s a whole different story:

-          Taking advantage of someone for whatever reason is the lowest thing a man can do. No you’re not the ’7arbou2′ you’re the men who lacks a bit of personality?! You men should always be in control and on a certain level of thinking and behaving. You lose that, and all the respect we have for you is gone.

-          Lying & cheating come hand in hand. When you cheat, you lie about it. How much of a fraud will you appear to yourself and when the truth is out (because eventually it will be out) to others ?!

-          Pretending you’re the ‘Batal’ in certain situations, when in fact a tiny spider can freak you out is hypocrisy. There’s nothing like a man who reveals who he truly is. We don’t want a man coming out from the myths we’ve read about. We want that man who can open up about any given subject, no matter how embarrassing he thinks it is.

-          Boasting about the money you don’t have and pretending you’re Juan El Ghoul’s twin to impress women is terrible. Not that you should brag about  money whether you have it or not! EVER. Nor have Juan El Ghoul as a reference in the back of your head either. Act with class.

It’s important to differentiate between a fake person and what I call a ‘diplomatic’ one. Now I have no problem with diplomatic people. They know what they want and they’re smart enough to ‘go with the flow’ at any given time. They don’t hurt anyone, they don’t offend anyone and by the end of the day, you realize they’re just trying to survive their days without problems and tribulations. On the other hand, fake people are those who are all over you, leeching onto you, kissing a**es and squeezing hard to fit in a place they’re not welcomed in. Listen to the voice in your head, if it says you have doubts regarding a person, chances are it’s right, hence get rid of them, they will make your life a living hell.

I kind of pity those people as much as I hate them. They are weak and obviously not satisfied with themselves that they suck the life out of you. They want attention no matter what… even if it costs their dignity, not that they’re familiar with that word. I think one of the best things to do is to teach classes in schools on how people should behave in order to be fulfilled with themselves. Perheps enhance psychological courses !! it would’nt hurt since everyone’s psyche is put in jeapordy nowaydays. Stop faking who you are, we got you all figured out and it’s not acceptable. As if it’s becoming a rule, the more you’re a fraud the more you’re accepted in society. Screw that, we set the rules to this charade; we can always make a difference and change it. Be the change. Accept yourself so that others can accept it too. You can’t lie about who you are for long can you? Please, Puh-lease STOP.

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  1. stephanie says:

    Haha.. Veryyyyy interesting articleee marjjj!!!!!!

  2. Elie says:

    Moukhifé :D

  3. Bernard says:

    Woww! Amazing!!

  4. Christy says:

    Marguerite I smiled while remembering previous incidents related to what just said !! :D Like Like, Cheers Xx

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