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This week’s article will be a bit different given that I’m still crushed after the latest shocking news that’s been happening a while now! So murders and attacking are taking over the country, whether you’re heading to the church or going to party, danger remains the same! No one will actually ask you where you’re going; they will be too busy trying to rape and kill you! If you don’t die in a car accident it’s because you’ve been stopped by the ‘mafia’ that will steal your car and kill you! You own a shop? Don’t get too excited, someone will eventually break in and steal all your savings. Does it stop here? Oh no! Nature has lost it as well, buildings are collapsing out of nowhere and now we’re waiting for bridges to collapse as well. Is it the end of the world? I surely hope so!

Remember the tragedy of  Myriam Al Achkar? I personally haven’t forgotten it a day! That poor 28 years old woman was heading to the church, only she didn’t know she was walking towards her doom. She ended up getting coldly killed by a foreign citizen (let’s just call him that) who, ironically, was supposed to watch over the church! Of course, it wasn’t the first time we hear about similar repulsive murders! People are getting used to such news, almost becoming a habit!

“So who was murdered today? Oh raped too? Harsh, rest thy soul. So what’s for lunch?”

You move on without realizing that you, as well, could be a target of such massacres!

On Monday January 16th a friend of mine was heading to her yoga class in Ashrafieh as she’s been doing for the past months! She was stopped by another foreign citizen(a Syrian to be more specific) who and I’m quoting her: “tried to attack and rape me but I was able to resist and scream a couple of times before he closed my mouth and bit my lip and kicked me several times and took my phone and left”

My friend was on the phone with her dad, when she noticed that a strange man is approaching her, she told her dad in French that a stranger is coming towards her, she was about to tell him exactly where’s she’s located but when the man heard the word Ashrafieh he grabbed her hand, pushed her to the wall and tried to undress her but luckily :” I was wearing 3 layers of clothes and a long jacket and I kneeled and closed my legs with my hands so he wasn’t able to do anything except bite my lip”. She told him to take the phone and leave her alone! Apparently he got overly excited about the phone he stole as he left and went for his next hunt! The girl that came after my friend was the victim to that same animal citizen as he frostily grabbed her and touched her everywhere!  She escaped as well and after having his fun, he went to sell the phone he has stolen, the store’s owner got suspicious and was able to recognize that’s it’s a girly phone, he calmly asked for the man’s ID as a backup and after he left, the owner called the first contact on the list who happened to be the victim’s sister and informed her that he got the thief’s ID and he will help them find him. Luckily they were able to trace and catch him that same night.

I admit, it takes a dose of courage to be able to hold it together and fight such criminals!But tell me something, if those animals human beings know that there are brutal punishments for such harassments, would they even consider attacking people just like that! But then again, if we Lebanese people are aware of the fact that we live in a jungle where no one’s rights are protected, where no one is even protecting us, do we expect a foreign sick frustrated citizen to worry about our safety?!

 Not to mention the hilarious laws that apply on us Lebanese citizens! For instance, did you know that using a weapon (tazer, pepper spray etc) is illegal? Did you know that if you kill the person who’s attacking you, it will turn against you and you’ll get indicted? Unless the criminal is attacking you in your own house, killing him will not be considered as an act of self defense! Ironic much? So, let me get this straight, if we get attacked on the road or anywhere else, the best thing to do would be giving in to the criminal because he has all the right to attack us?! Seriously?!

This ‘trend’ is exceeding boundaries and becoming unacceptable! I’m sick and tired of watching people praising Lebanon and worshiping it! Yea, so I sound prejudiced but tell me, what to praise for, when you live in a country where you’re not even sheltered! Silly me, but I’m always expecting some changes or wondering what our shielding politicians will do about such abuses. Of course, ill just let my mind wander, wonder and dream because eventually we all know that’s beyond the bounds of possibility. The word “action” doesn’t fit in their “show me the money” oldest dictionary edition! So here’s a message for our dear government:

Dear Government, kindly note that we are not Rihanna. We don’t want you to stand there and watch us burn and no, we don’t like the way it hurts so how about you start doing something about it and thank you.

Sincerely, paranoid!

Unless you wake up hearing about a tragedy that occurred the previous day, be sure that you’re still asleep! Everyday there’re news to mess up everybody’s mood so don’t you worry!  I’m starting to believe that 2012 is in fact the end of the world. The events that have been taking place in the past few months are beyond any logical absorption! When cruel murders become déjà-vu and acceptable for people, you know that the world no longer makes sense!! Luckily, those murderers and sick animals are being arrested while others, like them are free and unrestrained in our beloved country. When your mind starts to absorb such events, that’s when you know you’ve gone as crazy as those assassins! Not long ago, we heard about the trend of ‘home murdering’, where the father gets pissed off and unleashes his anger on his family thinking that it belongs to him, his property and he’s free to do whatever pleases his twisted mind, or the mother who was feeling down one day (probably was on menopause), and chose to poison her three children and put them to sleep before killing herself (thoughtful, I must admit)! Not to mention thousands and thousands of similar murders, I don’t want to upset myself by remembering all of them! If we’re to arrest every sick man and woman living in Lebanon, Deir El Salib wouldn’t fit the smallest amount of them!

So as a sum up, you can’t drive late back home alone anymore since the trend of stealing cars then raping and killing is still so popular; if the mafia didn’t stop  you first to steal your car and murder you, a bridge might fall on you! You can’t go for a walk because the next thing you know you’ll be thrown in a garbage bag somewhere in the woods, you can’t trust a stranger because you can never tell what’s on their mind even if you see them every single day. In other word, you can’t spend much time on your own anymore, because apparently it’s becoming dangerous. Even your room, which you consider the safest place to be in will not provide you with safety since your house is no longer your home, you never know when the roof you’re living under will collapse on your head . Why? Because the ignorant government doesn’t have time to check on old buildings, they are too busy coming up with new plans to steal from you! The world has gone nuts and when you think about it you know who to blame it on, and no it’s not nature’s fault at all!  Frustrating much? Never mind, we’ll get over it, just stay alerted and keep your eyes wide open and a knife in your purse, if you’ll have the chance to pull it out anyways. Be safe.

Marguerite Rahal.

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  1. stephanie says:

    Sadly it’s very true ! We live in a jungle after all !

  2. Bernard says:

    True! But we always forget that it’s our mistake! We keep voting for the same candidates again and again! Maybe tragedies and accidents are the ony way for some action to take place.
    Great sarcasm.. we need it.

  3. choc says:

    Given that i live abroad i can assure you that you can’t find this kind of abuses and danger anywhere else but our beloved lebanon! how pathetic!

  4. Carole says:

    We live in a country ran by idiots who forgot about the people and their safety. We’re worse than the worst country when it comes to security ! When a girl has to think twice before going out and coming back home. Even home is not safer anymore as u said. But what’s the solution!! how r we going to defend ourselves !!! this is totally unacceptable and what makes it worse is that we can’t do anything about it!!! this country is so infested by bad people that i bet the government won’t know where to start looking !!! what a shame this country is. someone should do something about it and soon hopefully !

  5. Addoura says:

    sad but true!!!

  6. Stephanie.B says:

    unfortunately this is our country and we cannot do anything about it… what we can only do and take action about, is to stop voting for those careless ignorant irresponsible people over and over again … then when the shit comes we start blaming them for how ignorant they are… without realizing that we gave them the autorisation to be in charge and take action(no action) when the shit happens!
    This is lebanon so people need to stop blaming the government because after all we gave them the authority to govern us… sadly
    good article Marj, its very true nothing else could be said…
    keep it up

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