Interview with Russell Peters- Russell Peters live in Lebanon March 24th

1.      Your most attendance was in Canada Toronto’s Air Canada Center with 30,000 tickets sold in two days, tell us more about your feelings knowing that.
It was emotional.  I wasn’t expecting the outpouring of support.  The fans were there to see me win – I felt like that show wasn’t just about me, it was about everyone who’s supported me over the two decades leading up to those shows.
2.      This is your second time in Lebanon tell us about your visit here and how did you like the Lebanese people.
I talked about it in my last special.  I love Beirut.  I had such a good time there.  The Lebanese people were great; they know how to have a good time.
3.      You mentioned in your last attendance B018, did you actually go clubbing there? If yes tell us more about it.
I really did.  It was exactly like I described it.  Like I said, it shows what balls that the Lebanese people have; to turn a bomb shelter into a night club.  The funny thing is how many people commented on YouTube that the club doesn’t actually exist!  It exists, I was there!
4.      You Have been to many places around the world, what are your top places to perform at?
Canada, New York, the Middle East, Australia, South Africa.  Great fans, real enthusiasm.  The better the fans and the more enthusiastic the audience, the better I am.  I’m only as good as my audience, and the audiences in these countries and regions are so good that they make me a better comic when I’m there.
5.      Where are you currently living?
I live in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but I still consider Toronto and Brampton, where I grew up, home.
6.      Im sure you have tasted Lebanese food, how do you find it ?
How do I find Lebanese food?  I look down at my plate and there it is.  The food is great, the Shawarmas, Falafels.  That’s good stuff.
7.      Are you planning on visiting lebanon another time soon?
My schedule is pretty crazy.  I’m going to be on this current tour until the end of 2013.  I’d love to come back again soon, but I’ll only come back when I have new material – which is what I have now.
8.  What do u say to the 65 000 fans of Beiruting who will be reading this interview ?
See you next week Habibis!
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