Jounieh International Festival Lights up the Skies of Beirut


Jounieh, June 2012:  For the second consecutive year and with the collaboration of the Municipal Council and head of ‘Jounieh International Festival’ Mr. Neemat Frem, Phellipolis set off an exciting, event-packed summer with a variety of entertaining programs suitable for all.

The opening night of Jounieh International Festival witnessed an extraordinary celebration of light, painting the city’s sea and sky with a striking palette of color spread over 15 kilometers of Jounieh bay. Simultaneous bundles of firework took off into the night sky, carrying over 50 flames a bundle, to create an unforgettable show that went on for five minutes.


A large yacht that was specially brought for the occasion was floating across the bay carrying many guests who got a chance to watch the spectacular show from sea; while citizens, inhabitants and even visitors of the city enjoyed the firework display from land, a show which doesn’t cease to compete with light celebrations from major capitals around the world.


Jounieh citizens praised the Phellipolis team for the great effort and time they put into making their dream come true by creating a festival and program of activities of such caliber in cooperation with the municipality. Through their hard work and commitment, the organizers were successful in highlighting the unique touristic value of this romantic bay and charming shoreline.

In bringing back sensational nostalgic nights, worldwide icon Aznavour will perform live on July 6, making the pulse of love in each fan’s heart beat stronger and giving them a chance to relive some of the best moments of their lives. Same goes for international artist Chris de Burgh on the 8th of July who will passionately play his guitar and complete the experience with his soothing, harmonious voice.


About Phellipolis:

“PHELLIPOLIS” is a Lebanese non-profit association, whose main mission is to work for the development and modernization of municipal work in order to ensure decent living for the citizen. The Association strives to achieve sustainable development in the cities through, human development, social, economic, environmental and tourism projects, thus contributing to the growth of the cities’ overall infrastructure.

“PHELLIPOLIS” promotes its mission through the organization of seminars, lectures, and technical studies related to various fields and issues. Amongst its key objectives: activating the role of the youth, organizing festivals, promoting tourism and enhancing individual and community well-being.


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