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On January 19, 2012 Johnnie Walker launched “The Keep Walking Project”, an initiative which reaches out to an entire community and calls on them to walk together and vote for one of three pioneering projects that they believe will benefit Lebanon the most and keep their country walking.

This year, the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Project initiative, which continues to serve as a solid testament to Johnnie Walker’s mantra of “Keep Walking” for over a decade, is being represented by three promising new projects which comprise Business, the Environment, and Tourism. The projects were introduced and supported by Johnnie Walker’s newest spokesperson, Nadine Labaki, whose message of collective progress is very much the inspiration behind the KWP projects.

The Business Project by Hub Culture, which aims to provide expert advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, marks a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to turn their ideas into a viable business plan using the necessary tools, research, and guidance, all of which Hub Culture intends to provide in a highly proficient manner.

With over 86% of touristic spending done within Beirut, it comes as no surprise that Lebanon’s many hidden treasures have yet to be explored. The Tourism Project by Marhaba is very adamant about changing that. Through an online social platform, Marhaba will offer unique guided tours to the country’s most authentic places that are off the typical touristic map, providing customized programs for tourists, creating new job opportunities for locals, and improving the overall socio-economic conditions and development of Lebanon’s rural areas.

The Environmental Project by micro-WTE tackles a prevalent issue that many Lebanese know all too well. With Lebanon generating over 16 million tons of municipal solid waste per year, most of which is land-filled or incinerated, this project proposes an environmentally friendly solution that will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the country. By using a revolutionary system that can be installed in buildings, micro-WTE claims they can turn 90% of the waste into free heating and cooling energy.

While each project shows strong signs of promise for the country, participants are asked to vote for the one they believe will help the country progress most. By downloading the Keep Walking Project application on Facebook and sharing, liking, and posting on the various elements of the Keep Walking Project, participants essentially become Walkers and earn steps that can be donated to the project that they feel would best help Lebanon keep walking. In parallel, Walkers can also download the iPhone app and donate actual steps towards their favorite project. The more people vote, the greater the chances that the preferred project will come to life.

The top three Walkers participating in the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Project who earn the most steps will earn rewards for their outstanding achievement with valuable gifts at the end of every stage. The top Walker will be rewarded with a brand new 16GB iPad 2 while the two runners-up will each be rewarded with a bottle of the refined Johnnie Walker Blue Label, “a blend of our rarest whiskies”.

The Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Project, which is clearly walking its way towards a brighter future for Lebanon, will close its voting period on March 3rd and announce the winning project just days later.

To participate, visit to download the Facebook and iPhone apps, walk for your favorite project, and be part of an initiative that will keep Lebanon walking.

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