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1.  how did you get started to sing?

I started to experiment performing and writing songs when I was at boarding school in England. On vacations and breaks at home, my mother and father ran a hotel in an old castle in Southern Ireland, and after the guests had finished dinner, I used to entertain them by playing cover songs of my favourite artists on guitar and piano. From there, I went to university at Trinity College in Dublin, and used to perform in a hamburger bar called Captain America’s at night.

2.  When did you first start singing?

As above

3.  Who are your musical inspirations?

I like many other artists, and I have covered some of these songs on my albums Footsteps and Footsteps 2, but my main inspiration were The Beatles. I still think they’re the finest pop writers that have ever existed. I also like the work of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Steve Winwood and Roy Orbison.

4.  What is your favorite song of yours ?

I have many, many favourite songs, but The Beatles – Long And Winding Road, is one of my favourites.

5.  Where would you most like to perform?

One of the great advantages of my job is that I get to tour all over the world and play in some fantastic countries and locations, but I remember one of the special nights was my first performance in Beirut at the end of the war, where we played outdoors at the University of Beirut. These were incredible memories for me, and concerts that I will never forget.

6.  If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

I’ve lots of hobbies – I enjoy studying and collecting wines, but also I majored in History and French at university, and I suppose I would enjoy studying and teaching history if I was not a musician.

7.  What hidden talents do you have?

I suppose one of the other talents I have is as an astronaut. I studied for space flight for five years…

8.  Do you enjoy writing music or lyrics?

I enjoy both and I never write any two songs in the same way. Sometimes, I hear a melody in my head and other times it’s a phrase or a word, or an impression for somewhere I’ve been or something I’ve seen. The biggest satisfaction is when both come together seamlessly, in fact, some of the hardest constructed songs I have written have come the quickest.

9. In your opinion what made <>  the number 1 entertainment website in the MENA region?

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to answer as the few times I’ve tried to look at your website, I’ve found it impossible to open from Ireland, but I’m sure it’s the best in Lebanon!

10. what do you think about lebanon?(in general)

As I mentioned before, I’ve been coming to perform here for many years and as I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve also recorded records with some local Lebanese artists – Elissa , for example. I’ve also performed many times on Star Academie. I love coming to the country – I love the scenery, the wine and the food, and the landscape of how in a few hours you can be skiing, and then on the beach. It truly is one of the world’s most beautiful places.

11. as we know you had visited Lebanon few times,wheres the best place to perform?

I’ve played at various locations, so it’s hard to say which one has been the best. I’ve enjoyed all of the concerts and couldn’t really pick one in particular. I think that, as mentioned, the first time I played at the university stands out the most.

12. what is the best memory that you had in Lebanon?

I’ve been to a few fantastic restaurants while in Lebanon, but one in particular stands out in the old part of the city – I remember looking out and seeing the young people on the streets outside, and it was during this meal that I had the inspiration for my song, Lebanese Night, and I look forward to coming on my trip in July to seeing my friends Nagi Baz and Amin Amiyaghi – I’m sure the have a special restaurant in mind to take me to!

13. you will be performing at Jounieh International Festival what do you think about it and what are your thoughts?

It’ll be my first time performing at this festival, but I’ve heard many good things about it. It’s always exciting to perform in a new location. I think this is a question you should ask me after the show…

14. what else can we expect from you in the future?

As I’m writing these answers, I’m currently recording a new album called ‘Home’. This is an unplugged record, taking some of my favourite songs from the early years back to their roots, by performing the songs the way I wrote them. Then in Autumn 2012, I will record a studio album of all new songs, which will be released in 2013.

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